The Hamblin Low-Cost Clinic initiative is intended as a service to the community, with the aim of making complementary therapies affordable to all who may benefit from them. All Low-Cost Clinic appointments must be booked via the Hamblin Centre office:  Tel: 01243 572109

(Please note that the practitioners who offer their time for Low-Cost Clinics, as well as the Hamblin Centre, incur a financial loss when an appointment is missed. To make the Low-Cost Clinic sustainable for the future, we must therefore ask for advance payment for appointments. Please speak to the office if this poses a problem.)

Treat yourself to a low-cost therapeutic massage session, either for relaxation or to address specific health concerns, with experienced practitioner Caroline King. Remedial massage enhances circulation, stimulates the lymph system and promotes wellbeing. It helps with stress-related conditions such as tension headaches, as well as sciatic problems, repetitive strain injury and much more.

£20 per session.