Timeline of Henry Thomas Hamblin’s Life

19.3.1873 Henry Thomas Hamblin born at Walworth, London 1873. Moved to Brockley, South East London.
1879 Started school.
1888 Leaves school.
1889 Attended Technical Institute.
1891 Obtained employment as an improver.
1891 - 1895 Lived away from home: various jobs of a manual nature.
1896 The mystical experience of the Divine Presence brings a deep peace.
1898 After teaching himself opthalmics in the small hours, qualified as an optician and set up first business.
1899 Contracted typhoid fever.
27.3.1902 Married Eva Elizabeth Harvey. Moved to East Anglia and then back to London. First son Herbert Wilson Hamblin born.
1904 First came across publications described as "New Thought". Acquired several businesses all working with insufficient capital and relying on credit and good will. Second son born, Dickie, born. Moved to Sussex-Hampshire border for a short time Moved back to London.
May 1909 Mother died.
Aug.1909 Poor health - sold successful business in London.
Sept.1909 Leased shop in the West End where he became a an extremely successful businessman. The business was called Theodore Hamblin.
1910 Experience of "oneness" where he knew himself to be a child of the Eternal.
1910 Third child, Joan, born. (At the age of 92, Joan continues to take an active interest in her father's work and is a gifted artist.)
1912 HTH buys his first car and learns to drive.
1912/1913 Feelings of despair, helplessness, plagued by nightmares and nervous disorder. Constant conflict: the man of business -v- the country lover and mystic. Business threatening to overtake him. A victim of his own ambition.
1913/14 Retires from day-to-day business, acts as chairman of his three limited companies attending periodic meetings.
May 1914 Moves to Bosham - takes up a fourteen year lease on what is now known as Kenwood B&B. Joined volunteer training corps at Portsmouth and became a trained instructor.
1916 Applied to join the Army - initially rejected but re-applied at a later date and accepted for Mechanical Transport.
Feb.1918 Discharged from the Army. Received commission in the Royal Flying Corps.
27.3.1918 Second son, Richard Harvey Hamblin, dies on 16th Wedding Anniversary, aged 10 years. Discharged from RAF because of ill health.
1919 Became vegetarian and severed connections with business completely. Began to write chapters which would eventually become "Message of a Flower".
April 1920 Purchased an Army Hut which was erected in the grounds of Bosham House. This was to serve as an office for HTH and a secretary. Over a period of years, extensions were added. HTH wrote his first three books: "Within you is the Power", "The Power of Thought" and compilation of articles which became "Message of a Flower".
Summer 1920: Under the umbrella of The Science of Thought Institute HTH wrote a Course of Lessons on matters spiritual. These were advertised and there was a massive response. Lessons adapted to make them simpler. Eventually all these lessons were burned in the grounds as being "not spiritual enough". HTH wrote a new series of Courses of some twenty seven lessons.
Oct.1921 Science of Thought Review magazine first published. After HTH's death this became "The Review" and then "New Vision".
1926 Purchased four-and-a-half acres of meadow next door to Kenwood. General Strike: HTH provides casual visitors with new boots,clothing and money.
1927 Completed the building of the offices in the grounds of what is now Bosham House.
Feb.1928 HTH starts to build Bosham House. Fathers dies this year.
Aug.1928 Moved into Bosham House, constructed drive, planted trees,shrubs etc.
1939 World War II breaks out. HTH feels that forces of darkness were attacking spiritual work and therefore the continuance of his work was imperative. HTH and his wife became fire watchers and air raid wardens at Bosham House. Many bombs dropped but the house was spared.
1951 Almost as many men on the road as before the War. These included murderers, ex-convicts and confidence tricksters. HTH provides simple meals, money for the road.
28.10.58 HT Hamblin dies at Chichester hospital, aged 85.