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1 January We have perhaps failed in the past because we have not made use of the most valuable and wonderful of all our faculties, our creative imagination.

If, however, we push back the boundaries of our mind, greater things become possible – greater far than ever we have thought possible.
2 January If we think and “see” beyond the seeming and obvious, to that which we desire to see manifested, then invisible forces are put into action, hidden powers are aroused, greater opportunities knock at our door, so that that which we desire to manifest is brought within the orbit of achievement. Let us therefore expand our mind.

Instead of the cry of weakness: “If only my circumstances were different I could then live a more perfect life,” we should say with Paul: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
3 January A man is truly successful who can overcome his false self, and be his real self: who can cast off his weakness and failings and become a full rounded character: who can reach the highest goal of his highest ambition, even as Jesus did His.

Life becomes transformed when we work with it instead of against it. There is only one path for us that is exactly the right one for us, and we are led into this path, which is one of harmony and peace, if we co-operate with life instead of for ever fighting against it.
4 January There is a turning point for us all. The old proverb is for ever true that “it is a long lane that has no turning.” All that life demands of us is persistence and patience – a little more persistence, a little more holding on, a little more faith, and we are safely round the bend in the road which hides deliverance, achievements, and what to us is true success, from our sight. The very darkness of the night of our experience proves to us that deliverance is near.

When we find the only true Substance, all our needs are met, for earthly substance is but a reflection of the Real and True Substance.

We believe that if man were to cultivate his intuition, unlimited knowledge and wisdom would soon become his, or at least to succeeding generations.
5 January Let us therefore keep on keeping on, till the race is run and the battle won. No one is ever tried beyond his strength or capacity. There is not one who cannot win through if he will but persist when tempted to give up the struggle. Let us then cultivate patience, persistence, endurance. If we refuse to give in, then life itself, proud of its sons, will carry us forward to victory.

The battle of the soul is fought in everyday experience, while the victory is won in the common and prosaic events of life.
6 January The old intellectual habit of study, argument and controversy must be relinquished, and in its stead the spiritual way of direct knowing, through inward spiritual illumination, must be employed., In the still, calm presence of God there is no room or place for controversy, neither is there any need for argument. We know by inward knowing; we “taste and see that the Lord is good” through actual contact; we have found God, which is all that we need. After this nothing else really matters very much.

The only security is to be found in God. When we find God and can abide in Truth we have found that which changes not, and that which is inexhaustible, and that which can never fail.
7 January How pitiable in the extreme is the case of the one who has failed to take up the gauntlet of life, and has played the weakling’s part, shrinking from the stern ways of the world and the hardness of his task. How splendid, however, is the state of the one who, having met life’s challenge, and, having entered the lists, has won through victoriously. How great is his faith, how steadfast his mien, how calm his outlook, how peaceful his life. All these are the reward of having worked his way through the difficulties that beset his path.

All who fail in life do so because they leave off trying, just when they have almost won through. If they would but keep on a little longer they would turn the corner.
8 January The great thing is not to avoid an experience but to transmute it. By attempting to avoid it we weaken ourselves, and increase our forebodings. Indeed, we increase the formidableness of the experience, so that it becomes far more difficult to overcome than it if had been boldly challenged at first. But if we go forward at the earliest opportunity we invariably find that the experience is not so bad after all.

We can never lose anything or become poorer by giving up ourselves, or what the self likes, to God. For whatever we give up is restored to us a hundredfold, even as our Lord said.
9 January If we co-operate with life’s demands, passing willingly through each experience, displaying the qualities of persistence, steadfastness and perseverance, we reach liberation and freedom on the other side of the experience, and such joy and satisfaction as cannot be expressed.

It is only when we are most completely relaxed and still that anything really worth while can come to us. The best, that is, the most helpful, work is not achieved by means of effort, strain and severe wrestling, but by allowing the hidden perfection to leap out and reveal itself.
10 January Life must be a continual winning through, both in things practical and outward, and in things spiritual and inward. Life is a glorious opportunity to overcome, and to be victorious over all our weaknesses and limitations.

When once we have fought through our trouble and found the calm and peace of the Eternal, we have to do nothing except contemplate the Infinite Perfection which is Reality.
11 January Every successful person has made stepping stones of his failures, and a ladder of achievement out of his adversities. No one has ever “made good” through running away from his difficulties; no one has ever achieved anything worth while through hoping and praying for easier circumstances. As soon as circumstances are made easier, character becomes softened, the will to win is weakened, and thus the true object of life becomes almost impossible of achievement.

One simply does it – that is all.
12 January Oh, men and women who are discouraged by the difficulties of life, take fresh heart again. There are glorious heights to which you may climb, a richer life that you may live, if you will but overcome your discouragement and depression and call upon the Inward Power that is of the Spirit and not of the self. While we must never call upon this Power for selfish or ignoble ends, God desires us to use it in the overcoming of our difficulties, and the building up of a new and finer character.

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.
13 January The man of God prospers because inwardly he is a spiritual being, with his roots reaching down to the One Source of all creative life and power, and he knows it and is conscious of it. Because of this he is guided in all that he undertakes, and though he may make mistakes, these are overruled for good; and prosperity follows him in such a way as to free him from all anxiety and strain.

The very reason why a certain life is so full of difficulty and trouble may be that there is hidden in the heart a desire to escape, instead of the will to win through.
14 January Our fathers were right when they said that apparently evil happenings were blessings in disguise. At any rate, they were right to this extent, that such experiences can be changed into blessings if we meet them aright, but they are evil enough, and destructive also, if we meet them in the wrong way or try not to meet them at all.

It is not those who say “Lord, Lord,” who enter the Inner Kingdom of liberation, but those who do the will of life; that is, who meet willingly every experience, and thus win through to the other side.
15 January This is the great secret of life. We are set certain tasks in the school of experience. They seem very formidable, and may even appear to be impossible, but they are just within our powers. If we only get our teeth into them deeply enough we can win through, and taste the joys of victory and overcoming. If we only keep on.

We must face life’s problems bravely; we must accept the challenge of life’s experiences, and we must pass through them all, co-operating with them, if ever we are to win through to liberation and freedom.
16 January There is the Power within each one of us, seeking to find expression, waiting and longing to help and inspire us to higher and nobler aims. This Power is available to make us equal to our tasks. There is no one who cannot overcome, if he but believes that he can do so. The only limitation is our doubt or unbelief. If we believe that all things are possible they are possible.

This is the Divine remedy for every ill – to rise into the Higher Christ Consciousness and think with God. We need to rise up in consciousness, taking our stand in God and Truth, and then look at things from God’s point of view.
17 January When we consciously abide in God we find that we are in a state of unity with the Unchanging One, and because of this we are unchanging also. While it is true that we have neither life nor being apart from God, it is equally true that in unity with God we possess all things. All things are, indeed, ours, but not as possessions, but only for use and service.

Life is a great strain, and daily the strain increases. But all strain is an illusion. There is not strain or effort in the Spirit, which is the only Reality, for everything in the Spirit comes to pass through a process of unimpeded activity.
18 January If our course of action gives us inwardly a feeling of unrest, disquiet and misgiving, then we may be pretty sure that it is not the right one. Then, if when we decide on another course of action, immediately a sensation of peace and harmony floods our soul, we may know that what we have chosen is the right thing to do.

The time has arrived for us to cease our fruitless strivings, to cease doing things, both spiritual and material, by heavy mental strain and effort. The time has arrived for us to know by direct knowing, and to do things in the Spirit, or by the power of the Spirit, instead of in the old Adam way of the sweat of our brow.
19 January When meeting calamitous circumstances we are all apt to get in a flurry. The human mind races to and fro, or round and round, filled with fears and apprehensions. What is needed is for us to still the conscious mind so that there is a great calm. Then, when this is accomplished, the Power of God comes into action and achieves the apparently impossible.

Until we learn to bring God into our life, and to deal with life’s difficulties from God’s standpoint, our troubles tower over us like mountains towering above the plain. But, when we learn to take our stand in God and Truth, then we tower over our difficulties instead of them towering above us.
20 January It is mistake to think that the meek are robbed, and that the proud get all the good things of life. The reverse is the case. The meek man retires upon hidden strength which is eternal, and puts his trust in God the Eternal substance, and so is never defeated, and never lacks any good thing, because he is established in the All Good.

To all seekers after God, at some time we think, there is revealed the mystery of the unimpeded activity of the Spirit. It is then we realise that we are working along wrong lines, and that there is a far better way – a way that is without friction and without care.
21 January Take heart again, and be of good courage. Beautiful vistas will open before you as you climb the heights of attainment – heights that are reached through faithfulness in all the tests and challenges of our practical everyday life, and through choosing the apparently difficult path, and through the casting out of fear. For he who overcomes his fear overcomes the difficulties of his life.

There is guidance to be had in practical affairs of life. We can be led in such a way that we always make the right decision, always take the right step, always do the right thing, at the right time.
22 January Success has not to be wrung from life by force and agonising struggle, but is something that comes to us naturally as water flows from the mountains to the sea.

Rich and abundant success will assuredly crown every life when it is allowed to do so.
23 January When we are led by the Spirit in this way, by obeying our highest intuitions, we find that the way of the Spirit is always perfectly harmonious and peaceful, to a degree such as cannot be described or explained. We find everything got ready for us, just as though some wonderful, far-seeing, capable and efficient person had gone ahead and prepared everything for our coming.

There is a point in consciousness where, if we rest in it, we find a Divine adjustment of all our affairs.
24 January By seeking to know the Mind of God, our own mind becomes attuned to the Mind of God; and, as a consequence of this, whatever may be wrong with our life tends to become Divinely adjusted.

What we all need, of course, as distinct from what we may think that we want, is that a Divine adjustment may be brought about. When we desire this, we find that God is the One Who “can do exceeding abundantly, above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”
25 January If we pray for life to be made easier, it becomes more difficult; and this is because by praying in this way we ourselves become weaker. If, however, we accept life’s disciplinary experiences, and pray for powers equal to them, then we become strong, and so life is found to become easier. By such prayer and action we get on top of life, instead of being submerged by its difficulties.

Life is a training school. If we learn our lessons we grow bigger, and thus become too big for a small job; and then when we reach this stage, life gives us a bigger one.
26 January When we realise this great truth that we are spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws, that we are upheld by spiritual powers, and that Within us is the Power, we cease being victims of fate and helpless creatures of circumstance, because we have entered into the Victorious Consciousness. The great secret of overcoming is always to maintain the Victorious Attitude.

The one who maintains a steadfast mind always wins through. It does not matter how difficult or impossible the situation may appear to be, there is always a way out: there is always a Path of Victory.
27 January If we serve as faithfully as we know how to, and if we strive always to do our work better than ever it has been done before, and if we pray for strength equal to our task, then when we are ready for it God raises us up to something better. Thus we go from strength to strength. The position is always waiting for us: it becomes ours as soon as we are ready to occupy it.

What we all have to remember is this slogan: “Within you is the Power,” or as our Scriptures have it: “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world,” and also: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
28 January “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.” Because the Lord is with me and I am united with Him nothing but goodness and mercy can follow me. Wherever I go, goodness and mercy follow me; I cannot leave them behind; they follow me like my shadow; they belong to me, because the Lord is with me and I am one with Him.

God’s Presence is round about me: His Life and Power are within me.
29 January “I nothing lack, for I am His,

And He is mine for ever.”

Realising this truth, I find that every possible good and blessing is flowing to me. Nothing can keep it away, so long as I am with the Lord and His presence is with me.

His Wisdom and Intelligence guide me, and His Love supports me.
30 January When I am tempted to become anxious about things I remember that the Lord is with me, and that, united with Him, all that He has is shared with me. Consequently, I have all things and can lack nothing, because: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in pastures of tender grass; He leadeth me beside the waters of quietness.”

In all that I do, I am prospered by Him (see Psalm I), while at all times I am filled with Heavenly joy.
31 January In spite of experiences which, if given way to would make us sad, we can cultivate a spirit of joy and thanksgiving and, by so doing, attract to ourselves the highest good, and cause our life to become filled with the greatest blessings.

The Lord is willing to prosper us at all times; in fact He desires greatly to do so. The Lord Of Wholeness has no desire that our life should be less than whole and complete in every respect. Indeed, lack of wholeness and completeness is not only foreign to the Mind of God, but must be abhorrent to Him.

But, there is a condition to be fulfilled. We have to conform our mind to the Mind of God.


1 February There is an infinite power and love which supports us at all times and especially in the darkest hours of life. Said the Psalmist: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me, Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.” When everybody and everything fail, still God remains.

If everything is done in a spirit of love and service and not in order to demand a reward, then treasure is laid up in Heaven, which supports us in a wonderful way, when earthly sources may have failed.
2 February The life of one who is treading the Path of Regeneration is not an easy one, but it is gloriously adventurous, and is filled with intense joy. What all the world is seeking for is happiness, and yet cannot find it. Those who live the spiritual life experience something far greater than mere happiness, and that is, inward joy – the same joy which the angels in Heaven possess. This joy continues with us so long as we follow the guidance of the Spirit.

Of ourselves (our weak human selves) we can do nothing; but with Christ within, surrendered to, all things become possible.
3 February Jesus said: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” By this our Lord meant that we must love our enemies, bless them that curse us, do good to them that hate us, and pray for those who despitefully use us and persecute us; that is, if we are to become children of God. If we are to be sons of God then we have to live and act as gods; and this is how those who have attained to this exalted state, through the grace of God, do act. No one who does not forgive to the uttermost can become a son of God, because he cannot be this if he does not live, think and act as a god.

No wonder my heart sings with joy when I hear of readers being supported in dark hours by a Power not their own: and of those who have been sustained, as by a miracle, when all earthly means of support have failed.
4 February When we descend into the depths, we find God is there. When we are forsaken, then the Lord bears us up. When we are faced by difficulties and experiences too great for us, then we find, in our extremity, when all is lost, humanly speaking, that there is a sustaining grace which upholds us eternally, and which never fails.

Each one of us has come to this earth to accomplish something. God will give us strength and moral courage sufficient for our need, if we trust Him. It may be that we shall have to repeat the deeds of the martyrs. If so, God will care for us in the same way as He did for them.
5 February Man unfortunately is persistent in trusting in self, in man, in material means, in anything but God. It is because of this that his human or material props have to be removed, in order that he may find God as the only One Who does not forsake him, and the only One Who can help and deliver him. Divine grace is always present, but we are not conscious of it, neither have we any idea of its mercy, love, power and richness until we learn, or are compelled by necessity, to trust it entirely, and prove the reality of it through experience.

The teaching of Jesus can be followed, and lived up to, only by gods, or sons of God, or by weak humans sustained by the grace of God.
6 February When Jesus Christ had been falsely accused, wrongfully condemned to death, reviled, jeered at, mocked, assaulted, and finally nailed to the Cross, He said: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” In this great demonstration of forgiving to the uttermost, and loving to the uttermost, we see God revealed.

He who plays for safety finds himself in danger; while he who lives dangerously is the one who finds security.
7 February When we realise that Divine Grace is always sustaining us, and that our journey, difficult thought it may appear to us, is really a triumphant march from strength to strength, and from victory to victory, we enter into a state of certainty and peace.

Experiences come to all. We can meet them in the right way only through the aid of Divine Grace. It is not easy to meet any situation in the way taught by Jesus Christ, for the reason that it is the very antithesis of the way of the world, and the way of the self.
8 February We need to keep our thoughts in Heavenly places. If we would act like gods, then we must think as gods do. By the grace of God this is possible. We must think above all resentment, envy and self-pity, above all complaining and selfishness and fear, above all hardness of heart and lack of forgiveness and mercy. If we do this, then our mind becomes stayed on God.

We give to life and the world the best that we have, expecting no reward. Apparently, it spells ruin to us; but we look to God to see us through.
9 February “Be ye perfect, even as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” This is what we have to do (on a smaller scale), and be willing to endure if we are to be children of God. Can this be done in our human strength? No, but as St Paul found: “My grace is sufficient for thee.” There is God’s sustaining grace that can sustain and support us through all life’s experiences; and this is equal to every demand that can be made upon it.

If we are willing to be led by the Spirit, then grace is given us to enable us to live according to Heavenly ways. “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God,” and therefore they enjoy the peace and satisfaction, and possess the inward joy, which only sons of God can know.
10 February As soon as we attempt to put the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount into practice we meet with experiences, in the face of which we fail miserably if we trust in earthly, human, or fleshly powers. Such experiences can be met successfully only by the exercise of god-powers.

We need the aid of powers greater than those of man. We can follow the teaching of Jesus and follow the path opened up by Him, only through His sustaining grace. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith Jehovah.”
11 February To follow Jesus involves our living and acting as Jesus did. This it to act and live as a god and not as a man; and such action and living are only possible by the use of god-powers. Of ourselves we can do nothing, but upheld by God’s sustaining grace even this becomes possible.

Living one day at a time in complete trust in the Infinite Power, Wisdom, and Love is the only carefree life. Persevering in this way we find protection from every ill, guidance in every time of decision and perplexity, comfort in every trial and trouble, and peace to our souls.
12 February The natural man looks upon every experience as something to be fought and resisted. If someone injures him he either wants to get his own back, or else to claim damages. In a way, this is all right for the unawakened or natural man, but the would-be child of God must act as a son of God.

We discover that the very thing which ordinarily we dreaded, and which we would fain have removed from life, is the one thing which can deliver us from self, and bring us into the liberty of the Sons of God.

This is all due to the grace of God.
13 February The more we advance spiritually, the more we realise that we do not depend upon man for health, supply and harmony, but upon God. One of the earliest things that we learn is that all good comes from the Lord. The more we progress, the more we realise the truth of this, consequently the more we advance, the more we learn to rely upon our Spiritual Source.

We acknowledge that God is All in All. By so doing we put ourselves in the right attitude to receive the Divine blessing. We need nothing else. His grace is sufficient.
14 February One who enters the Path of Regeneration has to follow Jesus all the way, obey His teachings, live His life – in other words, he has to undertake the journey of Jesus.

Now this cannot be done without what is termed “sustaining grace.”

In order to know God, and enter into the peace of God, we have to learn to become still. Not still in the psychic or mediumistic sense, which is a state of negative passivity, but “still” in a spiritual sense. This stillness is the repose of the Infinite and Eternal which is really the highest possible state of mental and spiritual activity.
15 February When everybody fails us, and when all our own efforts are in vain, and when everything we hold to or depend upon passes from us, and when we feel friendless and alone, still God fails not. It is when we come to the end of all things and are at our extremity, it is then that we discover God, and find Him a very present help in trouble.

Just as there is only one Life and Source of Life, so also is there only Source of Supply, and in each case this One Source is God.
16 February For everything that is necessary for my life I look to Thee. Thou art the only Source of good, and all that I need comes from Thee. Do I need guidance, behold, Thy wisdom directs me. Do I need strength, behold, Thy power upholds me. Do I need deliverance from difficulty, behold, Thou art here, and in the realisation of Thy presence all troubles flee away, and all problems become solved.

When all people and things fail us and we are stripped of all things, and we ourselves fail and even our prayers are useless, it is less difficult for us to trust God completely, for the simple reason that there is no one else in whom we can trust – only God remains.
17 February At various times in the world’s history there have appeared men and women of great outstanding faith. On examining the story of their life it is always found that they have passed through great experiences, and that it was in their time of greatest need and apparent failure that they found God to be not only an omnipotent God, but also One who would and could never fail them.

Because Thy Presence is with me, and because I am always abiding in Thy Presence, therefore no evil can come nigh me. Evil cannot penetrate Thy presence. Where Thou art, and when thy Presence is consciously realised, no evil can find any foothold.
18 February When we put out whole trust in God for temporal supply, instead of putting our faith in material means, we cease to be at the mercy of the things which are soon exhausted and which pass away, but instead, we are established in That which is eternal and inexhaustible.

There come times to most of us when all that we usually depend upon fails, and we can only fall back upon God. We may find ourselves in great danger, when all precautions and defences fail, and nothing but a miraculous escape can save us. Then, because God is the only One who can deliver us, we put our whole trust in Him, and we are delivered.
19 February We cannot, however, enjoy God and His provision and the care-free life if we do not prove Him by daring experiment. “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of Heaven, and pour you out a blessing.”

“I see you, beloved, as you stand in Him, whole, complete and perfect, even as He is whole, complete and perfect. I see you for ever loved and cared for; for ever established in One Eternal Substance.
20 February Discovering the true Substance which is the Reality that upholds the universe establishes our consciousness in That which truly IS and which can never fail, grow less, or decay, and which remains unaffected when outward things fail. Material substance is but a reflection in time and space of the true Substance which is eternal.

Because Thou art my Lord and my God, I do all things as an act of worship to Thee and as an act of service to the Whole. All that I do is done for Thee and humanity and for the lesser creation. My only desire is that I might serve Thee in all faithfulness and do that which pleases Thee. Even the smallest tasks would I do as unto Thee: even the most irksome duty would I perform willingly, for Tby sake.
21 February Yet again, we may have been so thoroughly beaten and discomfited by “the sin that doth so easily beset us” that there seems no possibility of victory and over-coming. But again, in our extremity, driven by failure and humiliation back upon God, we can only trust Him, for nothing else remains. Then, because of our whole-hearted trust in, and entire dependence upon, God, we are set entirely free, which is indeed the miracle of miracles.

One of the greatest illusions of life is that of lack of temporal supply. No child of God can possibly lack any good thing.
22 February We can constantly declare that man as a child of God is for ever, under grace, in a state of unity and oneness with the one central Power and Life of the Universe, that he draws his life and nourishment entirely from the Lord, and that this omnipotent Source can never fail.

Divine Love has sustained you in the past; it is sustaining you now, and will sustain you always and for evermore.
23 February We become rooted and grounded in the Eternal instead of living an ephemeral existence in time and space. We share with God His life, wholeness, health and prime. We are sustained by the very Substance of the Divine. We enter into the heart of things. We live the eternal life. We breathe the deep inner breath. We think God’s thoughts after Him.

No matter what our experience may be, God remains and is always with us, awaiting our recognition of Him, as a Presence of Wholeness, of Order, of Harmony, of Peace and Joy.
24 February If we trust wholly and solely in God we are like a tree planted by the waters. When earthly supplies fail, and when those who trust in material resources are in a condition of drought, we are sustained by invisible resources, which are infinite and inexhaustible because they are of God.

All our needs are fully and abundantly supplied, both now and always. If we look only to God, and realise this truth, we enter into freedom.
25 February There is only one source of good and this is God. God, the one Source, can never be exhausted. He can never fail, for, owing to His infinite nature, He is equal to every demand that can be made upon Him.

If we would only trust God more and make greater and more daring ventures in faith, then it would not be necessary for us to be driven by life’s experiences to the end of our tether. He who goes forward willingly to fresh experiences is not compelled by life’s adversities to seek God, for he finds Him of his own volition, and to the joy and satisfaction of his soul.
26 February We learn to “trust the Current which knows the way,” and then we realise that we are eternally loved and cared for, and we find it to be so in our experience.

Those whose minds are Heavenly, and whose aims are of a Heavenly nature, are for ever loved and cared for: not out of pity or because of favour, but because they live in accord with the laws of Heaven – laws which can only bring forth results that are harmonious, lovely and good.
27 February Life desires for us only our highest good; it is constantly trying to lead us to higher and better things. Life has a glorious purpose for us, which would be realised in our experience if we would but allow it to do so. Life is a spiritual experience; it is governed by spiritual laws.

We can claim Divine protection, supply and guidance only when we have surrendered to the Divine Will and Purpose. When we have surrendered everything to the Lord, then the Lord can deal bountifully with us, and He can cause us to lie down in green pastures, and He can restore our souls and lead us in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake.
28 February In union with the true Substance all the perfections of Reality become possible to us. But we have to live constantly in the thought or consciousness that God, as Reality, is the Perfect and the only Substance, and that we as children of God, share all the perfections of Wholeness and Reality. Nothing is lacking in the life that is in union with Reality, for Reality is Wholeness; and, of course, there is no lack or incompleteness in Wholeness.

We live an interior life, making contact with the deep life of the Eternal Spirit, and because of this our life is as deep as the Universe, and we draw upon illimitable powers, and are fed by invisible fountains of Living Water. “Deep calleth unto deep” and “The Spirit beareth witness that we are the children of God.”
29 February “In all thy ways acknowledge HIM, and HE shall direct thy paths.” This day I will acknowledge the LORD’S hand in every experience that comes to me: I will endeavour to realise that God controls every circumstance of my life.


1 March Because we are in the One Power, nothing can assail us, there being nothing for us to oppose, nor anything to oppose us, seeing that there is only the One Spirit working, and this is always in harmony with Itself. We therefore agree with our adversary, for there is only one life and this has behind all its experiences the Infinite Wisdom and Love.

The life of Jesus was a life of mastery and positive strength. Negative ills had no power over Him. And yet he was Love incarnate, and taught “service”, washing the disciples’ feet as an object-lesson for them
2 March The result of right thinking is that we discover our true identity. There grows up within us a sense of increasing power – power that seems to fill the universe – and we know that we really and truly are. We know that the interior man is a Son of God, and one with the Unchanging and Eternal.

We are surrounded by the Living Presence of God: call it Mind-stuff, if you will, but God’s Mind-stuff.

From this Divine Mind Power or Spirit of Infinite Power, Wisdom, Love and Intelligence, which surrounds us, comes a reaction according to our need.
3 March There is One Power that can never fail; It cannot fail for the reason that It is the only Power, and that therefore nothing can oppose it.

We all have been given the power to choose our thoughts, and through them our actions, and also our attitude of mind. We have, however, not been given the power to alter circumstances which may have developed as a result of our wrong thoughts and actions, and attitude towards life.
4 March Be still, my Soul, and know that God, Who is the infinite source of All Good, and Who is the only Power, is our Refuge and Strength.

When we try to battle against fate which is the fruit of the law of sowing and reaping, we find that we are but pitting our feeble efforts against the mighty powers and forces of the Universe.
5 March Neither did anyone “take” the life of Jesus. Hear what He said about it. “Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life that I might take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again.”

Speaking generally, we have no power or dominion over effects, but we have over causes. The cause of the great events and happenings of life which are beyond the power and wit of man, either to thwart or to cope with, is to be found in previous thoughts and actions.
6 March In this one Power we put out trust, in this Omnipotence we take our stand, and in consequence for us there is no danger, nothing to fear, nothing to harm us.

Jesus was invulnerable, all powerful, untouchable by the forces of evil, until He, of His own free will (following on His surrender in the Garden), took down His defences. He was then taken by the soldiers. Otherwise they could not have touched Him, or hurt a hair of His head. Jesus did this so that the experience could come to Him for which He had come into the world.
7 March I am filled with Omnipotent Power, guided by Infinite Wisdom, and sustained by Divine Love.

This One Life and Source of Life “giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.” Without such access of Power from our Spiritual Source “even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall.”

8 March This is the Eternal Word spoken of by St John in the first few verses of the first chapter of his mystical gospel story. This is the beginning of a life of power, viz. to recognise and acknowledge the One Life and Source of all life and power. “In the beginning was the Word.” Before all manifestations is the One Source from which all manifestation springs.

When we “wait upon the Lord” our strength is renewed, or changed, because when we do this we become open to an influx of Divine Life and Regenerative Power. To the extent that we wait upon the Lord do we become conscious of a Power within us that is not our own, but is a coming into expression of a New Life-Power, or, as William Law puts it, “the Life of God in the soul”.
9 March St. Paul said: “We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.” It would be equally true to say that everything that is achieved by personal power, and to satisfy a personal ambition, is ephemeral, while that which is achieved by the Inward Power and with an impersonal and selfless motive is eternal.

Man can find no true power in the outer. If he exercises force and dominion over his fellows he can do so only for a time. Sooner or later a greater than he arises who takes his kingdom from him, and leads him into captivity.
10 March The more a man exercises power in the outward, and the greater his conquests over his fellows, the more dreadful the Nemesis which awaits him. The more power he exercises, the greater the power which overwhelms him in due course. Life is like a punching ball; the harder we punch it, the harder it rebounds in return; and then, unless we can continue hitting it, it hits us, and so the weary game continues, until we learn enough wisdom to make us refrain from hitting it altogether.

There is an inward stillness to which we can at any time retire; and, retiring, find rest and peace and power.
11 March We have not only to pray: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven,” but we have also to manifest and demonstrate the Divine order and harmony in our own life. It is a mistake to pray for things, and then expect them to fall into our lap all ready-made. Instead of praying to a Power afar off, asking to be sent something that is beyond our reach, we have to realise the reality of the Presence and make use of the ideas and the Indwelling Power which make it possible for us to achieve the apparently impossible.

It is obvious that we cannot overcome without power. It is also equally true that we cannot overcome by means of our own finite power. The only power with which we can overcome is the Power of the Infinite. This Power of God, however, does not become available, and therefore cannot help us, until we learn the secret of the Stillness. “Be still and know that I am God.”
12 March The nearer we approach to the Centre, and the deeper we delve beneath the surface, and also the more completely we make contact with the Stillness of God’s Peace, the more we enter into the Infinite Power that brought the Universe into being, and which maintains it and supports it without effort or strain. The whole universe is sustained by effortless power.

The more we work from within, the nearer we get to the Power which never fails or becomes less, and which produces that which is permanent and secure.
13 March Words appear to possess a power or vibration of their own, that differs according to their quality or character. Thus positive words have the ability to awaken in us feelings and powers akin to themselves. We can easily prove this for ourselves. If, when discouraged or depressed, we repeat to ourselves the words: courage, strength, hope, faith, victory, overcoming, joy, happiness, etc., we find that there is something within us that responds to the power and vibration of the words uttered.

The nearer we get to our Divine Centre the more we become conscious of stillness. Ordinarily, we cannot make contact with the Realm and Source of Power because we never allow ourselves to be still. Our mind is forever in a state of false activity and anxious turmoil.
14 March Not by huge achievement in the outside world of matter does man attain to his desired goal, but by the inward power of stillness are all things achieved.

Negative passivity or quietism lays one open to negative ills and worse; whereas, the true Stillness which is the finding and practice of the Presence of God protects one against all the enemies of the soul, and opens one to receive Heavenly influences and powers.
15 March I want to make quite clear what is meant by the term Inward Power. I want every reader to understand that it is not the power of the exterior man at all, but the Power of the Inner Man. It can be stated as follows:

It is not the power of the exterior man, born of the flesh, and of the will of man, but it is the Power of the Inner Man, who is born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Trust possesses the power to manifest itself, no matter how difficult the circumstances may be. Truth is omnipotent and needs only to be expressed in the form of the spoken word, in faith. When this is done it manifests its power in the form of order, harmony, wholeness and peace.
16 March The disorders of our life are not due to evil and malignant powers working against us, but are the out-working of God’s perfect laws, which, when obeyed, produce harmony, but which, when disobeyed, produce disharmony. There is only the one Power, and this produces beauty and order when it is allowed to manifest in a heavenly way, but which produces disorder and disharmony when it is misused.

We need something that can raise us from the impermanent world of time and sense, into a higher consciousness of eternal, unchanging Reality. This we find in the power of the spoken word.
17 March For strong, powerful and effective affirmations take me to the Psalms. Their strength and effectiveness are due to the fact that they put the Lord first and ascribe all power to the One Source of all power, instead of to the human personality.

We possess the power to seek after God, and to knock at the Door of Understanding. We possess the power to pass from the sense-consciousness into the Presence-of-God consciousness. We possess the power, in the twinkling of an eye, to pass from this consciousness of imperfection into the consciousness which sees and knows the One Reality, which is perfect and whole to an absolute degree. In other words, we are able to pray.
18 March What we have to do is to become quite still and know God. What is necessary is that we should let go so completely that our mind becomes quite still like a motionless lake. Just as when a lake is quite still it reflects perfectly the surrounding beauty of hill and sky, so also does our mind, when perfectly calm, reflect the beauty, harmony, perfection and order of the Divine. When we become completely still, our mind becomes attuned to the Infinite Mind, after which nothing else matters.

If we were to acknowledge more than we do the power of the spoken word, especially the word of Scripture, and if we applied it in every situation of life, we would of a surety live better and more harmonious lives.
19 March We may build up something by sheer merit. But even this, if it is achieved in the power of the finite man, and if it has not spiritual foundation, either crumbles away or brings a curse with it. Success, achievement, how empty and unsatisfying they are! How disillusioned we become as we grow older, if our heart is set on earthly achievement, wordly possessions, and position and power!

It is as much a healing for a man to be delivered from crushing care as it is for him to be raised from a bed of sickness. It is a healing of the life instead of the body. All such restorations of harmony come from the Lord, the Only Power, Who is the Infinite Power.
20 March If we live in this knowledge that our “life is hid with Christ in God,” and that we are one with That which changeth not, we are able to become detached from the disorders and disharmonies of life. This detachment is very valuable, for we are able to step on one side, so to speak, and to take our stand in God and Truth, relying upon the Hidden Powers of Infinite Spirit, and then watch things develop and work themselves out.

Probably most of us think that there is little or no power in words; but such is very far from being the case. Words possess power, and because of this we should be careful as to which words we use, and in what way we use them.
21 March Effortless Power is the real thing, and the nearer that we can approach thereto, the less our personal effort and strain become, and the greater and more permanent become our own achievements. What we achieve, however, may not be known to worldly fame, neither do we desire that it should be so, but it will continue throughout Eternity. In other words, it is permanent, because it is the product of an Inward Power that finds its rise in the Eternal One Source.

If positive words are used systematically and intelligently, they enable us to rise, through their inherent power, out of the slough of failure, depression and despair to a state of mind and will that makes victory, overcoming and achievement possible.
22 March The spoken word must be the word of Eternal Truth. It is because it is Eternal Truth in expression (in word form) that it is powerful. When using the spoken word we must remember that it is not our power that is being used but that it is the power of Truth contained in the word of Truth that is being brought into action.

How lovely are all the flowers, heralds of spring and symbols of immortality, placed there by loving hands. They speak of hope that is upheld by faith, and of that greater Life which knows no age, decay or death. Also they tell of that Power that is greater than all earthly power, the Power of Immortality which is Life indeed, because it is Love indeed.
23 March The power of the spoken word may seem to be a minus quantity to some, perhaps. So it always will be if they do not make use of it. The lame man at the gate of the temple would never have been healed if Peter and John had not believed in the power of the spoken word. They believed that the positive words they used were but an expression or utterance of Divine Power, and because of this the man who was lame from his birth and who hitherto had been carried about, and who lived by begging, immediately received strength and went into the temple, walking and leaping and praising God.

Many of the Psalms appear to have been written with the sole object of raising up those who make use of them into the Divine consciousness of order, harmony, wholeness, peace and power. I use the term “make use of them” advisedly, for it is one thing to sing, read or recite a Psalm in a perfunctory or meaningless way, and quite another thing to make use of it intelligently.
24 March God wants us to use the power of the spoken word to bring about conditions of harmony and peace, otherwise the great examples of Jesus would not have been given us. Whenever our Lord saw disharmony He rebuked it. When He met those who were diseased or afflicted He commanded them to be made whole. Even those who were dead He raised to life by the power of His spoken word.

Therefore, in order to think rightly, we have to think of ourselves constantly as sons of God and inheritors of all the promises. We have to think of ourselves as spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws, upheld by Angelic Powers and ministered to by Divine Forces
25 March The man of God prospers because inwardly he is a spiritual being, with his roots reaching down to the One Source of all creative life and power, and he knows it and is conscious of it. Because of this he is guided in all that he undertakes, and though he may make mistakes, these are overruled for good; and prosperity follows him in such a way as to free him from all anxiety and strain.

If man is established in the Divine, and walks and talks with the Lord, then he is sustained and maintained in the same way that God is, and by the same power and inexhaustibleness.
26 March “Within you is the Power”; not the power of a finite personality, which is helpless in itself and bound by the limitations of the sense life, but the Power of the Infinite, which is the One and Only Power. At any one point the whole of the Infinite Power of God is present and available to the trusting soul. He is able: He is willing: here and now in this place, by His indwelling, and by working through us, to do exceeding abundantly, above all we can ask or think.

We look within and find all that we need, because God is there in all His power.
27 March One of the secrets of Divine Care is to find the Hidden Power that supports the Universe, and from which all Manifestation springs. Man’s powers are limited and soon exhausted; also he finds that the forces of what he calls fate are far too much for him, and that he cannot battle successfully against them. But when he ceases to fight against life, and instead seeks and finds the One Inward Power, he becomes established in the Divine order in which is no violence, disorder or evil of any kind.

In spite of appearances, we must think of God as a loving Father, and ourselves as children of God, for ever loved and provided for, and upheld by Heavenly powers.
28 March A favourite text of mine is: “Unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the Power that worketh in us”. God is able to do great things through us by the power of His Spirit which He has implanted within us. Wonderful things are not done for us, but through us, by the Inward Power of the Indwelling Spirit.

God, being the creative power of the Universe, Who has created all that is, is the One Who can do for us exceeding abundantly, above all we can ask or think. God, the Creator, has the power to create through the long processes of nature, or He can create instantaneously, now, at this moment, according to our need.
29 March One of the secrets of the care-free life is to recognise that the fullness and abundance of God’s bounty are with us at all times in all their completeness; and that the protecting power of the Lord is round about us. God is in the midst of us in all His infinitude and power. Blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.

Not for one moment has God ever failed us. It is impossible for God to fail us; if He did we should cease to be. We are “beings” because we have our being in God. Without God we have no being at all.
30 March The Divine Providence looks after us and sustains us through all Eternity; that is, always in the Eternal Now. As eternal beings we have never lacked anything throughout Eternity, and, of course, we never shall. Here we are, in the Eternal Now, and always have been; and always and forever we are sustained and supported by Divine Love, Life and Power.

God, the Inward Power.

The power that worketh in us (Eph.iii,20).
31 March The mind that we know is only a fraction of the whole mind. It contains hidden depths of vast power and knowledge. Its powers are such as to appear to us to be infinite. Yet it works according to the pattern which is given it. It is not evil, although it produces what we term evil. It will create beauty, good, and perfection if it is shown how to do so – in other words, if it is given a correct pattern. This vast mind beneath the level of consciousness needs to be redeemed, and given a new pattern of perfection to work to or copy.

Therefore, we have to abide in Him, and thus be constantly connected with the One Source of Life and Power. Then, in the evil day, we are not ashamed, and in the days of famine we are abundantly satisfied.

Yes, glorious fact, whatever happens, whatever befalls us. God never fails.


1 April There is one sovereign remedy for every ill and that is to find God. “Seek first the Kingdom of God,” said Jesus. When we find the Kingdom, that is, when we enter into God-consciousness, we see with the eyes of Christ, which see only good and perfection. We then see only that which is good; we think only that which is perfect; we speak only that which is eternally true of the Spirit, and which also is alone true.

When we become holy or whole, there is no room for disease, sickness illness or any imperfection. One who is whole is whole, for wholeness is completeness, and this excludes everything that is less than perfection.
2 April If we meditate and reflect upon the idea (God’s idea) of wholeness, we enter into an understanding of its wonderful meaning. Also, we become changed into its likeness. Imperfection can be overcome not by opposing it, but by contemplating perfection, i.e. wholeness, and by a yielding up of ourselves entirely to God.

The true Creation of God is a state of wholeness in which everything is in its right place, doing its right work at the right moment, and doing it perfectly, for the reason of its wholeness, and because it is in right relation to everything else, even the most minute particle, in an orderly and whole Universe.
3 April Wholeness is perfection in every part – wholeness in form, in health, in functioning, in life. Every fibre, atom, cell, nerve, corpuscle, all perfect, all whole, all complete.

And God says to us, “Be ye holy.” He bids us to be virtuous in every thought, emotion, desire, and act; so that we may be perfectly whole.

When our mind is brought into harmony or correspondence with the Divine Mind the natural state of health begins at once to manifest. Health is normal, and both God and Nature want us to be well; and “well” we become when the obstructions and disturbing states of mind are removed.
4 April Through thinking thoughts of Divine Wholeness we reach the limit of finite thought, and it is then that the spiritual mind begins to function. This is possible through the operation of the Spirit of Truth within us, Who leads us into Truth through the awakening of an inward Spiritual faculty which ordinarily remains dormant. “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (St John viii).

It is not our looking up that blesses us but something that flows to us from the Lord, the Centre of all life, health, wholeness and order.
5 April To realise the state of wholeness is, in a measure, to enter into God-consciousness, for God is infinite Wholeness, and the Divine Mind, being whole and perfect, can think only in terms of wholeness. It is only inwardly that we can realise wholeness, and our own right relation with every other part and particle in an orderly Universe; we cannot do it with the human intellect. Right thinking, however, acts as a bridge leading to realisation, which is a state beyond human thought.

Health is maintained through a steadfast, poised state of mind, combined with control of the emotions. One whose emotions are unstable finds his health uncertain, therefore such a one should learn to control his feelings in addition to cultivating a tranquil state of mind. Will-power must also be developed, for upon this the steadfastness of the mind greatly depends.
6 April A story is told of a ship which was driven out of her course. She ran short of water, so that her officers and crew were dying of thirst. At last they saw another ship, and signalled to her to give them some water. But the answer was: dip and drink. They were sailing in fresh water, yet did not know it. They were off one of America’s biggest rivers which ran out to sea in such volume, so it is said, as to make the water drinkable. In the same way we, too, may remain unhealed, in spite of the fact that the Lord healeth all our diseases, simply because we do not claim the Divine blessing.

The Lord is still the healer of all our diseases. The only effect of our lack of faith is that we remain unhealed.
7 April When claiming a Divine promise we have to believe it is true of us, and that we have entered into it. We have to do this, instead of looking at our trouble, or thinking of it. If we bless and praise the Lord because He healeth all our diseases, and because we are already healed, then we find that His promises are true.

Before the Lord within can heal us we have to make a complete surrender to Him. Until we do surrender fully we are inwardly a house of conflict; and, as our Lord said, a house divided against itself cannot stand. We can be led into harmony only to the extent that we allow ourselves to be led.
8 April It is when we surrender ourselves to the Divine that it becomes possible for Christ to heal us, not our body only, but also our whole life. But, in addition, we have to state the truth about Christ as our Healer. And so we do not plead and beg that Christ may heal us, but we declare the truth without any reservation or uncertainty.

We surrender all our wrong ways to the Living Christ; all our thoughts that are not Christ-like, all our desires that are not God-like, all our emotions that are not of a heavenly nature, all our resentments, hates and dislikes, so that we can be filled with God’s thought, the love of Christ and the desires of Heaven.
9 April All imperfection is due to a falling away from the Divine Idea, which is perfect, whole, complete. God’s idea concerning man is perfect wholeness. It is impossible for God to image anything in His Imagination other than the perfect man. This is spoken of as the Archetypal Man, the ideal one and only begotten of the ONE. Jesus Christ was the expression or manifestation on this earth plane of the Archetypal Man, or the Word made flesh. But He also came to be the firstborn of many brethren. He has become the elder brother of all who follow Him.

Those very learned people known as Psychologists and Mental Specialists, pump strong ideas of health into their patients by means of Hetero-suggestion This is all very good in its way, but there is nothing so positive as looking to God, Who is Positiveness itself.
10 April The real expression of the Divine Idea, which is the Reality, is the outcome of the Divine, and perfect Imagination. The disorder and disharmony of the human life are due to man’s false, contrary imagination. What is held in the mind is manifested in the body and life; therefore our desire must be that our imagination should be conformed to the All-Wise Imagination, which can produce only that which is good, beautiful and true.

Coming into harmony with the Divine Life establishes us in health and strength. We realise that there is only one life and it comes from the One Life and Source of Life. God is both Life itself and the One Source of Life. Because of this all life is perfectly whole and good.
11 April “Create in me a clean heart (God-controlled emotional centre), and renew a right spirit (or will) within me.” With this prayer in our mind, and remembering that all good and only good comes from the Lord, we can raise our imagination into Heavenly places, so that it becomes conformed to the Divine Perfection.

Our prayer also can be: “Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief.”

The Life of God flows without impediment, expressing itself in perfection of form and function. Actually, we live in a perfect spiritual universe, governed by perfect spiritual laws in which the Divine life, being perfect, functions and expresses itself in perfect health and wholeness.
12 April The Divine intention is that we should be whole in body as well as in mind. Our failure to manifest this state of wholeness is the measure of our falling short of the Divine Ideal. Also, it may be that we are passing through a difficult transition stage of change and transmutation, from which we shall emerge new creatures in a physical sense, capable of partaking more of the universal consciousness such as the Immortals enjoy.

God is greater than Spirit, greater than life, for He says: “I will put my Spirit in you … and ye shall live.” God, Who is greater than Spirit, and Who is beyond all our conceptions of life, says: “I will put my Spirit in you,” and this Spirit is the Spirit of Life, Health, Wholeness and Joy.
13 April Instead of brooding over our weaknesses or infirmities, we think upon this glorious truth that the Lord of Life has put His Spirit in us. We look within and see the Spirit of Life and Health glowing and radiating life and health into every part of our body, revivifying it and making it like unto the Lord’s glorious body, As It glows and permeates and penetrates, all resistance melts away, and every particle and cell becomes adjusted into harmony and correspondence with the Divine Perfection, or Archetype – that is, God’s idea of Man..

“And I” (the Lord of Life) “will put my Spirit in you … and ye shall live.” The Lord is inexhaustible life, and the one Source from which life springs. The Spirit of God never tires, never grows old, never is sick, knows no weakness, can express no disorder. God is Spirit, and God is Life – the Life that knows no decay.
14 April If we think that the cause of our weakness or illness is an interference by unfriendly powers (Jesus said of the woman He healed on the Sabbath day that she had been bound by Satan many years) what better “cure” can there be than looking to God. Every time we do this a new and richer Life flows into us and all the Divine Forces are on our side, while concomitant with this the hold of the negative forces is loosened.

Health and wholeness are the Reality, or form part of It. Christ gives us that perfection of life which is the true life of man. It makes a difference when we realise that Christ is in us, and is the hope of our glory.
15 April As we contemplate the Lord’s glorious body, we become more and more filled with His Spirit, which is Life and Health and Joy. We no longer discourse about our ailments, neither do we think in terms of disease, sickness and disorder, for to do so would perpetuate and magnify these and other negative ills, progressively, so that they increased with the passing of the years. Instead, we contemplate God’s perfect Idea of Life, Health, Wholeness and Joy, and so are changed into the likeness of that which we contemplate.

By looking to God, holding ourselves in a state of receptivity, we not only become filled with a Life and Power not our own, which “throw off” our sickness or disease, but we also help to “break the curse.” That is, to help mankind back to harmony with God from its present state of separateness.
16 April Joy and health are united so closely that they are, as it were, one. The possession of joy in the soul brings health to the body. Instead of thinking, then of our ailments or limitations, we think of the eternal verities, and become filled with Divine joy. Instead of straining after healing we rejoice in the Indwelling Lord of Love. Instead of “working” or fighting against our trouble, we “agree with it,” and then it becomes absorbed by Divine Love.

We are told by the writer to the Hebrews to come boldly to the throne of grace in order that we may find grace to help in time of need. And so we declare that the Living Christ is our Healer. All life and health come from the Lord, Who is life itself.
17 April When we resist we intensify our trouble, or, if we overcome it, then it either bursts out again, or disorder manifests in a fresh form. But, when we surrender to the Indwelling Lord, the Christ in us is able to remove or absorb that discordant condition of mind, will and heart that is supporting our trouble, and giving it such vitality that it may possess. But when Christ comes in, He makes all things new. He creates in us a new heart, and renews in us a right spirit.

When we look to God we turn to the Reality and Substance. All negative ills are but a shadow cast on our consciousness by separateness. It is because mankind and the whole planet are out of harmony with the Divine that evil, in all its various forms, is present with us.
18 April The cause of every disorder is that our mind and thought are not in harmony with the Mind and Thought of God. Mind and thought are the cause, the outward life, body and circumstances are the result. God’s thought being perfect, the Universe, in Reality, and as God sees it, is perfect also. If our mind and thought were entirely according to the Mind and Thought of God, we, too, would experience only Perfect Life.

The new life which Christ gives or imparts through His indwelling is that perfect life which God designed for man; a state of wholeness and harmonious and complete functioning, in which there is perfect circulation and freedom and joy.
19 April “Who healeth all thy diseases”

Our text does not say: Who will heal thy diseases,” but “Who healeth all thy diseases.” The promise is not post-dated; it does not refer to a future time: it does not promise something that may come to pass if we pray long enough; but it refers to the present, and to all time, to all people in all ages. The Lord heals all our diseases.

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.”

I look to Thee, and am filled with the fullness of Thy Divine Life and Power.
20 April We call upon the Lord, and He answers us. We find that He is with us in trouble; that He delivers us; that He gives us honours; that He satisfies us with length of days. Also, the Lord shows us His salvation, which is health of soul, mind and body.

It is in restfulness and quiet assurance that we find health and well-being. The more anxious we are to regain or retain health the less successful we become in our quest. It is when we cease anxious striving and “willing,” resting instead in the Love and Care of God, that things begin to go right with the functioning of our body.
21 April Putting my whole Trust in the Infinite Love, and surrendering all my ways to the Divine, I am blessed and sustained, healed and prospered, and filled with indescribable joy. “The Living Christ is my Healer.”

Refusing to think of myself merely as a physical creature, full of ailments and limitations, I now acknowledge that I am a Spiritual being, inhabiting, in my true inner self, the Eternal Reality, which is for ever whole, perfect and complete.
22 April We need to come into harmony with all that is true and good and perfect, and so we pray: “Thy Kingdom come.” This means that we ask God to establish His Kingdom in us, and that everything that stands in the way should be removed.

This again means that our will should be merged in the Divine Will. We have to allow the Lord to come into our life, to reign in every part of it. We have to surrender all of our heart, affections and desires to Him, and hold nothing back. So long as there is conflict, there is created disorder and ill-health. But when we surrender completely to the Lord, Who is not only Infinite Life, Wholeness, and Health, but also Infinite Love, all conflict ceases.

Those of us who invoke the blessing of the Lord find that the whole life is healed, kept in order and made good. We find that there is a blessing behind everything, and that in all our affairs there is a good influence silently at work on our behalf.
23 April In spite of all our good intentions how much of our thinking, alas is based on our feelings! We may not feel very well, or we may have a cold, and lo, behold, our thoughts, unconsciously, become centred upon our ailment, or else influenced and coloured by our disability. In other words, we think in terms of our human limitation and morbidness, instead of in terms of a free soul, a spiritual being rooted and grounded in the Eternal, nourished by the Eternal Spirit, and sharing in the life of God.

All good comes from the Lord, our one Spiritual Source. Nothing but good can come from the One Source of all good. Disease, sickness, ill-health, etc., cannot come from the One Source of all life, wholeness, health and joy. I include joy, because inward joy is closely associated with health.
24 April “In Him was Life, and the Life was the light of men.” “I am the Light of the world: he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life.” I am come that I might shed My Radiance in and through you; but you must accept Me before these things can be possible. If you would know my Life, if you would shed forth My Radiance, you must follow My guidance, you must allow Me to rule; you must open the door and let Me in.

If we are filled with inward joy, and are thrilled by it, good health follows naturally like water flowing to the sea. But if we are full of anxious thought for our health then joy is far from us; and so health eludes us.
25 April When we let go, and state the truth about the Lord of life being our healer, the anxious strain is removed so that the Divinely natural harmony is allowed to manifest. Health begins to flow when we can relax and depend upon the Infinite Life and Power to do for us that wonderful thing which is impossible by man. Let us then reflect upon, and enter into the joy of the divine idea contained in the words: “I am the Lord that giveth thee life and power and joy. Behold, I, the Lord of Life, am the healer of thy whole life.”

In order to secure and maintain uniform normal health it is necessary for us to live in the consciousness that the Divine blessing is resting upon us. If we cannot realise it, we can try to imagine that the Lord’s presence is with us; we can try to imagine that we feel the healing, restoring glow of the new life of the Divine permeating our whole being.
26 April When we surrender to the Divine Will, it becomes possible for the beautiful purpose of God to be manifest in us, and through us, and in our life. The surrendered life is a life surrendered to the Good, not to evil, or disease. The Will of God is, that good, and ever-increasing good, should manifest in us and in our life. But we have to be prepared to go God’s way. Our Higher Intuition tells us which is the right way, the way the Lord wants us to go.

It should be our constant effort to get away, in thought and consciousness, from the limitations of mortality, with its diseases and bondage, by thinking and feeling as a child of God who inhabits Eternity, and lives in the Life of God, should think and feel.
27 April By acknowledging that Christ the Lord of Life and Wholeness is our Healer, and through surrendering all that hinders the flowing of the blessing, we make it possible for new life to come into us, and for our whole life to be healed and brought into a state of harmony. “Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out (refuse to bless).”

The Kingdom of God is order, wholeness, health and perfection. We can be whole, healthy and perfect only to the extent that we correspond with the Divine order or Kingdom. When we pray: “Thy Kingdom come … in earth” (our physical body) “as in Heaven,” we pray that God’s perfect order, wholeness and health may be expressed in our earthly tabernacle, as they are manifest in the Lord’s glorious body. This is perfect and indestructible, because its every atom is in harmony with every atom in the true or Celestial Universe.
28 April If our thoughts are of earthly limitation and imperfection, then these things are brought into manifestation in our body, through being impressed on our mind. But if our thoughts are of the Heavenly perfection of the body of Light or Celestial substance, like unto our Lord’s glorious body, then the Creative Imagination endeavours to bring forth a reproduction in our “vehicle of expression.”

We acknowledge that the minutest cells and live matter in our physical organism bear in a measure the Divine image through reflecting the wholeness that is always present with us. God is a God not of sickness or misery, but of health and joy. These are realities, they are present with us now; and they never depart from us, although we may separate ourselves from them in consciousness.
29 April We come at last to the point where we have to acknowledge that all life and health come from Life Itself, and are not the product of anything that we can do, ourselves. We realise that while measures such as physical culture, nature cure, suggestion, metaphysical treatments, prayer, and the practice of spiritual healing, all have their place in the scheme of things, and are good in their place and at their appointed time, yet all life comes from Life, and all health from the Lord, or Creative Found, Spring or Centre.

While it is true that bad temper, impure thoughts, fear, anxiety, fretting and grieving all produce disease, it is equally true that thinking of ourselves as sick, unhealthy, diseased, or liable to suffer from various complaints, produces a morbid state of mind and body, which predisposes to ill-health and disease.
30 April There is nothing permanent apart from God, Who is the only real and true Substance. It is the true Substance which supports the Universe. All form and manifestation would disappear if the support of the one True Substance were withdrawn.

By thinking of our real body as being composed of the Imperishable Substance of Celestial Spirit, we gradually realise that our true Self is one with the Unchanging Spirit. This brings about actual regenerative changes in substance, so that we ourselves become luminous, or semi-luminous to those who have eyes to see spiritual things.

We think from the consciousness of wholeness and perfect life and prime. We see ourselves as perfect and whole in the perfection and wholeness of Christ. We feel that we are permeated with the wholeness of the Divine Pattern; and because of this we are filled with joy and thanksgiving.


1 May He who discovers Heaven within himself is able to express Heaven in his outward life.

Our Lord said: “The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation: neither shall they say, Lo here! Or, lo there! For the Kingdom of God is within you.”

The title Within You is the Power has come as a revelation to many scores of thousands, yet it is merely a paraphrase of the very heart of the teaching of Jesus Christ. The real teaching of the Bible is so staggering that it has to be wrapped up, so to speak, in order that those who are not ready for Truth, having eyes may see not, and having ears shall hear not.
2 May It is useless to pray “Thy Kingdom come” if we are not willing for “God’s will” (i.e. the obeying of the laws of the Heavenly plane) to be done in our life. To use a popular expression, “We cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.” That is to say, we cannot enjoy a Heavenly life, and at the same time act according to worldly standards. If we are to live as gods, we must act as gods. We cannot have it both ways.

The Kingdom of God and Heaven can be entered into only through surrender to the Lord of Heaven, and He is to be found within us. “The first man” (or self) “is of the earth, earthy; the second man” (or self) “is from Heaven” (Weymouth).
3 May Great thinkers tell us that time and space are merely limitations of consciousness. Someone has said that there is no place but the presence of God, and this is true both scripturally and in experience. What this all means is that as regards “place” we are in the true Spiritual Universe now, but we are either in Heaven or Hell according to our state of consciousness and the state of our heart. If we love evil, self, hate and things and emotions that are not God-like, then we are in Hell most assuredly. If, however, we love the things of the Kingdom and delight in spiritual and heavenly thoughts and actions, then we are most assuredly in Heaven, to the degree that we correspond to the ways, thoughts, desires and practices of Heaven.

When we enter into Truth, every day the world is made new, and life becomes more blessed and beautiful. It is progressive; daily our life becomes more beautiful and filled with joy. Beauty and joy do not come to us from without, but are qualities that are brought forth from within.
4 May The only thing that is real and eternal is spiritual, and this Spiritual Reality is Perfection in all its wonderful, beautiful and delightful forms. There is only one Reality and this is God and His Perfect Expression, in the form of a Spiritual Universe. This perfect Spiritual Universe is not “a city afar off,” for the Kingdom of Heaven is in our midst.

Being Heavenly minded is having a mind that is attuned to Heaven. When our mind and our thoughts are all in harmony with Heaven, and if this condition of mind is translated into all our actions and all our dealings with our fellow men, then we may be said to be Heavenly minded, and to be Heavenly men and women. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.
5 May It is impossible to establish God’s Kingdom on earth until it has been established in the hearts and lives of men. Some are looking up to the sky to welcome a personal and physical return of Jesus Christ, Who shall then establish a material Kingdom on earth, which shall be governed by Him in righteousness. But all the time, the Lord is at work in the hearts of men, preparing those who shall establish His Kingdom on earth, because they themselves will be the Kingdom.

In the same way that the artist can reproduce on his canvas the spirit of beauty which inspires him, and which he truly is, so also we can express Heavenly conditions if we possess Heaven within us, and if we possess a Heavenly nature.
6 May Surely this is good news that we are inheritors of Heaven! Not a distant Heaven, but a perpetual state of order, harmony and perfection, in which we share and have a part now, at this moment, and always. St. Paul says that in God we live and move and have our being. But God is infinite order, perfection, harmony, wholeness, and good. If we live and move and have our being in God, then we live and move and have our being in the Divine order, harmony, perfection, wholeness, and good.

We, ourselves, are heaven or hell. It depends upon our affections and thoughts as to whether we have heaven within us, or hell. Love of God (Good) and our neighbour is heaven. Self-love is hell.
7 May The Kingdom cannot be entered by acts of austerity and asceticism. We cannot bribe God to give us the Kingdom by giving up this, that, or the other; but when we have surrendered ourselves, and our all, we see clearly that there are things in our life which have to go. “If thy right hand offend thee, cut if off” is for ever true. There are areas in our life and being, and fortresses in our heart, into which the Lord has never yet been allowed to enter. All barriers have to be taken down, and all self-will surrendered, in order that the old, false self may be dethroned, and the Lord within allowed to rule in us without any opposition whatever.

The Kingdom of God is not material, or physical, such as the eating of meat or the drinking of wine, neither is it abstinence from these things, but is an inner Divine order produced by Love, and through following Love’s behests.
8 May The Kingdom cannot be found, or entered into, by giving up things. The weakness of some movements, so it seems to us, is that they teach that the Kingdom can be entered into by being a vegetarian, or a fruitarian, or abstaining from alcohol, or by practising complete continence. But, as St. Paul says “the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink” (or abstinence from flesh and wine), “but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.”

Life, such as that described in the 91st Psalm, and also spoken of by Jesus, when He says that those who find the Kingdom of God (which is within us, He also says) possess all things. Once we possess the essential, inward, central thing, then everything else is added.
9 May If we live in the Spirit, write in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit, send benedictions of love and blessing to all who read what is written, then, to the extent that readers enter into the same Spiritual Consciousness, through surrendering to the Divine Spirit within them, do they become healed and transformed. But it is not our work at all; it is entirely the work of the Spirit, first, last, and all the time. In this way (and it is only one of many movements, so-called, going on at the present time) a new Heaven and a new earth are being brought into being; and it is entirely the work of the Holy Spirit, finding expression in various forms, and through a number of different channels.

It is Truth being awakened in us that causes us to see Truth in inspired writings. We have only one teacher, the Spirit of Truth, who indwells us and teaches us from within.
10 May If we have discovered Heaven within ourselves, then quite naturally and unconsciously, we express love, peace, joy, and harmony in our life. Indeed, we discover that we are the very things that we express, in much the same way that the picture that an artist paints is part of himself and is an expression of himself. If he did not possess the beauty within himself he could not express it; if he were not the very spirit of beauty itself he could not portray beauty on his canvas.

We cannot impose righteousness on men from without; righteousness must be formed in their hearts from within, by the Spirit of Truth working in the deepest recesses of their nature. When a man becomes entirely changed within, then not only does his life alter for the better, but he becomes a channel through which the Divine Spirit touches other hearts, and changes other lives.
11 May The Heaven of the next life is what it is because its inhabitants are of a Heavenly nature. They make, or create, or express, their own environment. It is equally true that Heaven is Heaven because of the Presence of the Lord; but no one can endure the Presence of the Lord who is not attuned to It. But those who are attuned to It are filled with exquisite joy, for they are in a state of complete harmony and at-one-ment or attunement. They are like a perfectly tuned musical instrument upon which the Master Musician can play the delightful and exquisite melodies of Heaven. From this we see that we can enter Heaven only to the extent that Heaven is within us.

Finding the Kingdom makes us independent of worldly possessions, for Love supplies all our needs. What we have to do is simply to get on with our job in life.
12 May When we find the Inner Kingdom we enter into peace. Not the peace of the tomb, but “the peace of God which passeth all understanding”: that is, the same peace which God Himself enjoys. St. Paul knew what this meant, for he had passed through great experiences, in which his faith was tried, and his fortitude tested, to the utmost. And then he found the peace of God.

Heaven is not a place afar off, up in the firmament, to which we may go after we are dead, but is a state of consciousness into which we can enter now, in this life.
13 May When once we find the Kingdom within, all fear and anxiety flee away, and we enter into a state of peace and contentment. To read some writings, one might be led to think that the object of the life and teaching of Jesus was to make people prosperous in worldly affairs, that they might possess worldly wealth.

This Kingdom of God which we find within us, even as our Lord said, is a Kingdom of Love. In the last analysis, all is Love. Love is the One Reality. It is Love that heals. It is Love that saves. It is Love that keeps. To the extent that we recognise this truth and enter into it, so that we too become Love, to that extent do we become sons of God, and kings and priests unto God.
14 May It is not possible for us to discover within ourselves a ready-made Kingdom. Or, perhaps, it is more correct to say that we can discover it only by stages, or degrees. Potentially we are sons of God, “but it doth not yet appear what we shall be; but we know that when He (the Perfect One) shall appear, we shall be like Him.”

To the extent that we overcome love of self, by learning to love God and our neighbour, do we enter heaven, and become heavenly men and women.
15 May We have no life of our own, nor any being, but only as we live in Him, and He, by His Spirit, lives in us. Because God is, I am. Without Him I can do nothing, and am nothing, not even a memory. “Because I live,” said the Incarnate Word, “ye shall live also.” One thing I desire. I have now no earthly desire or ambition: but one thing I desire, and that is: that all whom God has given me, amongst the many thousands who will read these words, may experience the same joy which the Lord in His infinite mercy has given to me. My prayer is that all these may know and experience this same exquisite joy, and that they may live continually in the Kingdom of God which is righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Everything comes to us when we are ready for it, and when we are ready for it, we do not want it. Although we do not want it, realising what a tremendous responsibility is involved, yet we may be willing to take up the burden. Indeed, we have to do so. We recognise this for “no man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.”
16 May Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then all necessary things will be added to us. But where shall we seek for it? In a distant Heaven? In an earthly order? No. Simply within ourselves. Find first the Kingdom of God within ourselves, and then all that we need for the support of our life of love and service will come to us.

St. Paul said that in addition to the Kingdom of God being righteousness and peace, it is also joy in the Holy Ghost. We experience the most exquisite joy of soul because we realise our oneness with the One Life, the One Joy, the One Reality, the Infinite Love. Being filled with the Spirit we are capable of realising that we are immersed in the Spirit, for “in Him we live and move and have our being.”
17 May This inner Kingdom is not only a Kingdom of Love, and of Substance, it is also a Kingdom of Power. Many of us, doubtless, sigh for Power. We read of the Power from on High which came upon the early Church at Pentecost, and how it literally transformed the apostles, and made them strong, where once they had been weak. But are we ready to receive power? Generally it is those who are least ready for it who desire it most. It is equally true that those who are ready to receive it, and wise enough to use it rightly, are the ones who desire it least, or even not at all.

We cannot enter into Divine union by means of a metaphysical understanding of Truth. Such understanding is valuable and useful in many ways. It can heal, it can prevent disaster, it can do all sorts of wonderful things; but it cannot obtain for us entrance into the Kingdom of God. In other words, it can “shew many signs and wonders,” but it cannot deceive the elect, neither can it satisfy them.
18 May It is an ancient weakness on the part of man to look and sigh for an objective Kingdom, and to look for something to happen which will put everything right without any effort on his part. But the Teaching of Jesus was far more robust than this. He promised that those who seek shall find, and that those who knock shall have the door of understanding opened to them. But it is only to those who are in earnest that these promises become true. The greatest promises in God’s word are for those who overcome. “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My son.”

We have been abstainers from flesh and wine and other things for many years, but such abstinence could never bring us into the Kingdom. But when we have surrendered to the God-life within the soul, then we soon know what it is that is hindering us, and we know that it has to go. Happy is the man who is ready to cut off his right hand, or pluck out his eye, even as Jesus said.
19 May There are things that the old self loves, but, while innocent in themselves, they may be a hindrance. They usurp the place of the Lord, they demand the love and attention that we ought to give to the One Central Thing, and so they much be cut out. What we give up may be the most innocent of things imaginable; but if they hinder, and if we know that they must go, although the flesh would fain hold us back, we must, at all cost, cut them out. When we do this we become filled with joy and a sense of relieve. We realise that we have removed something that was keeping us out of the Kingdom of joy and freedom, and was no good to us at all, but very much the reverse.

Sooner or later what is termed metaphysics gets found out. Sooner or later the devotee discovers that it has been a useful ladder, but that the bridge into the Kingdom is not affirmation, or assertion, or even metaphysical understanding, but surrender.
20 May If we are able to see God everywhere it is because God indwells us, for it is with His eyes that we see. In one sense, God can see only Himself reflected, so to speak, in His creation. If, therefore, God indwells us we see God everywhere. The Kingdom of God is within you.

Putting the teaching of Jesus into practice is an entire reversal of the ordinary way of life. We can come into the consciousness of Heaven through thinking, acting and living in the same way that the inhabitants of Heaven do. We can think, act and live according to Heaven’s laws by following the teaching of Jesus.
21 May We, ourselves, cannot enter the Heavenly Consciousness. We have to become changed from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. When we are like Heaven we can enter Heaven; when we have Heaven within us we can enter a Heavenly consciousness. When we are ready for it, and not before, the consciousness begins to expand, until it becomes immense and vast, and this is accompanied by a consciousness of tremendous power, and an understanding that is as deep as the universe and which embraces eternity.

When we think of the Kingdom as a state of consciousness, it answers all our questions. It satisfies all our longings. The term “Kingdom of Heaven” means a Heavenly consciousness; and the term “Kingdom of God” means God-consciousness.
22 May The Lord Jesus taught us to pray: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.” In other words, we pray that we may live our life here in this consciousness, exactly the same as life is lived in Heaven. Then by His teaching, and by His life, He shows us how to do it.

Entering the Kingdom means the expansion of the consciousness, in which we become aware of Reality and of the true nature of the Real Man. This wonderful experience does not come as a result of intellectual study, but through a turning of the heart, to God. “When it” (the heart) “shall turn to the Lord, the veil is taken away.”
23 May When we have discovered the Kingdom we possess all things (for use) that are necessary for us. We recognise all supply as gifts from Heaven, and, as such, not to be hoarded, or looked upon as our personal possessions, but simply to be used in service for our Lord and King.

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.” But this does not mean that it is confined to Heaven, otherwise we should not be taught to pray that it might be established, or recognised, in our midst (in earth).
24 May What was it that Jesus spoke of continually as the Kingdom of God or Heaven? It was not Paradise, for He said: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or, lo there! for behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.” Neither did He mean an earthly Kingdom, for He said: “My Kingdom is not of this world.” It was a Heavenly Kingdom of which Jesus spoke.

It may interest some readers to learn that more often than not it is those who have received very little education who find the Kingdom and enter into the Universal Consciousness. Not only have they little or no education, but they also have very little leisure, working, as they do, long hours, with but little opportunity for spending set times in devotional or mystical exercises.
25 May Our Father, Who are in Heaven, hallowed by Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven. Let thy Kingdom come in this body of mine, and let Thy will of love, light, and good be done in it, even as it is in the Light body, or the glorious body of the Lord.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you,” said our Lord. This is the only way to liberation, the only path to the satisfaction of our desire, and to the assuagement of our soul’s anguish; yet it is the last thing that most of us are willing to do.
26 May Seeking the Kingdom, the finding of God in the Secret Place, and contemplating the Divine, with a deep desire in the heart that only the Will of the Highest should be done, not only builds up (causes to grow) the spiritual body in which alone we can live the aeonian life, but it also, gradually but surely, heals and restores our bodily frame and our whole life.

Because Thou art my Father, I am a child of God, a spiritual being, inhabiting Eternity. Heavenly laws govern my life, and the joy of Heaven is my portion.

Because Thou art my Father, I enjoy Thy peace – the peace of God which passeth all understanding; and this garrisons my heart and mind in the love of Christ.
27 May Because I am established in Eternity, I life in the Eternal Now. Always and forever I am safe in Thy love. None shall pluck me out of my Father’s hand. In every experience of life is Divine Love, and behind every happening is Divine Wisdom.

Now is the time to remember that our citizenship is in Heaven, that we belong to Reality, to that Eternal Substance, compared with which the outwards life is but a reflection.
28 May The Bliss Consciousness can be reached in this life; it is possible to live in heaven while still in the body, but such an attainment can be reached only through living the Christ life. It cannot be reached artificially. There is no short cut. We enter into it when we least expect it. We cannot force ourselves into heaven. Suddenly, when we least expect it, the veil is rent in two, and we enter into bliss. The more we may try to enter, the more thickly veiled it remains. Yet we cannot enter, the veil is not rent, until we are ready.

We are living now in this Spiritual Universe. There is nothing wrong with the Universe itself, the fault lives in man, and more particularly in ourselves. It is our consciousness that is at fault and not the Universe. When our consciousness expands we find that Heaven is an ever present and joyous actual fact and reality.
29 May The glorious gospel, or good news, is this: that we possess this seed of the Eternal Word in us, and by it we can gain access to the Kingdom of Harmony. “But seek we first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness (Divine order), and all these things (everything that we need) shall be added unto you.”

It is the Truth within us which enables us to see Truth everywhere, wherever it is present. The highest ideal that we can form in our mind is but a projection of the Reality that indwells us. It is because of this that the final goal of meditation and contemplation is the discovery of the blinding truth that observer and observed are one – in other words, that what has been contemplated all along has been the Real Man within.
30 May The teaching of Jesus points the way to an inner kingdom, or sanctuary, in which it is possible to dwell in peace and quietness, and in a state of security and serenity, amidst the changing scenes of life.

When we surrender to the Lord from Heaven, Who is within us, then He is able to do something for us, and something with us; and to make something of us. A new Heaven and a new Earth then become possible; For Heaven is formed in us, and we live in a New World, and on a New Earth in which we see God everywhere.
31 May “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” A birth in which is born within the soul the Eternal Word. It is the growth of this new life and nature in us that constitutes regeneration. After the new birth takes place, there remains the long journey of “growing in grace,” and the long battle of the soul. During which the character not only becomes entirely transformed, so that we become new creatures, but also a change of substance takes place, so that instead of being composed of perishable substance we become built up of the Imperishable Substance of the Eternal Spirit.

Heaven and hell are states of consciousness into which we can enter now. I have no need to be told that there is a heaven and a hell, for I have lived in them both.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.


1 June Be still, and then we shall know. What keeps us from knowing God is the unceasing activity of the human mind. When we learn to be still, the mind of God can function in us. Or, to put the same truth in another way, when the surface levels of the mind become stilled, the inner levels can work in unison with the Divine Mind.

Our first act is to love all men, in the Silence, and to pour out our benediction upon them, praying for them fervently, with the deepest longing in our heart.
2 June We cannot know God, except through learning to become still. In the Silence, in the Secret Place, God is to be found. To find and know God is the sole object of life. Whether we are aware of it or not, the fact remains that we have been seeking for God all our life. Even when we were wandering in sin we were seeking for something that would satisfy us.

God is not in the whirlwind not in the earthquake, not yet in the fire, but in the still small voice. God is not in noise or excitement, for “in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”
3 June We have to think inwardly, with the power of the Divine and only perfect Imagination, God’s thoughts, after Him, of Love, Order, Peace, Perfection, Health, Wholeness, Completeness, seeing the whole Cosmos in the perfection and beauty which are the reality and truth concerning it.

But we cannot do this if our surface mind is in a whirl. We have to learn to still this unruly member in order to think deeply with the inner mind the profound and perfect thoughts of God. So we have to be still, in order to know the deep things of God.

God Who is perfect can express only Perfection or Divine Order. God is not the author of disorder, or of any negative ill. God is the author of Perfection, Good, Loveliness, Wholeness, Harmony, Peace, Balance, and all that is beautiful and good, to an infinite degree, beyond our highest conceptions.
4 June It is not generally known that a realisation of the glorious fact that all our iniquities are forgiven, and our transgression removed from us, as far as the east is from the west, is a Divinely appointed gateway to healing. Realising this truth, of instantaneous, ever-operating forgiveness, fills us with joy and peace: we experience a great relief: it removes the cause of inward conflict; and all this makes for health and wholeness, which is the normal or Divinely natural state for us.

When our heart is pure, and filled with love and forgiveness and mercy, and when our life is a benediction to all mankind, then are we ready to practise the Silence, and to learn to be still.
5 June If we would know and enjoy peace and calm, and also live our life balanced, poised, secure, we have to learn the secret of being still. Again and again, in our Scriptures, we are told to be still, to be quiet, to withdraw from the fret and fever of life. All esoteric, or inner teaching is of this nature: it is only the exoteric, the elementary, the outer, the superficial, that is noisy. The more noise and excitement there is, the farther we are removed from our Spiritual Centre. The way of the Spirit is not noise and excitement, but quietness and calm.

In course of time it becomes possible to think always in a Heavenly way, thus becoming what Swedenborg calls a heavenly man; for a man is what he thinks, and his actions and life are a reflection of his thoughts.
6 June “After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven,” and so on through this wonderful prayer. What is the object of this prayer? It is first to direct the attention towards God; next to think the right thoughts about God, and lastly to keep the mind stayed upon God. Then does that wonderful promise in Isaiah xxvi,3, become true in one’s experience: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.”

It is not God’s fault that man is in his present disharmonious state, for God is love, and light, and life, and health, and harmony and perfection, and joy and peace, and all that is beautiful and good and a great deal more in addition.
7 June Before we can fill the mind with Divine thoughts we have to compose ourselves. When we are in a state of agitation, and waves of fear are rushing in upon us, it is difficult, if not impossible, for us to think rightly, and to see things from the Truth or Divine standpoint. A well-worn text says: “Be still, and know that I am God.” Cease your agitation; give up your fearful forebodings; turn inwards to Me, The Lord of Light and Life, Who indwells you; and be at rest.

Wise men and great spiritual leaders have always warned their flocks against what is termed Quietism. They were wise in so doing, if by Quietism is meant a kind of mental sleep akin to self-hypnotism, for such a practice is full of dangers both to mind and soul. But the Inward Stillness of the Presence of God is a highly active state, which makes one so positive that one is proof against all dangers, and everything that is not of God.
8 June If we think from the standpoint that God is Love and that we are sons of God, then we must always act according to the dictates of Divine Love, we cannot do otherwise: God’s Peace dwells within us.

With God as our Father, and with His presence always close to us we are protected from every ill and danger, a true recognition and acknowledgement of the Divine Presence being a protection from all the things which might otherwise hurt us. “No plague shall come nigh thy dwelling.” “A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee.” In the midst of dangers, but not touched by them.
9 June We think that we, personally, are running the Universe. We are afraid to let go, for fear that the Universe might go wrong. And yet, the indwelling Spirit for ever says: “Be still and know that I am God.” Be still, let go of your anxieties, cease bearing the Universe on your shoulders, and know that I am conducting the universe, and that under My direction everything comes to pass at the right time, that everything is in its right place, and that every part is functioning perfectly. Be still: be at rest: enter into My stillness, and know My peace.

Growth in the spiritual life comes through contemplating God. A saint does not attain to sainthood through revival meetings or reading books, but by seeking God’s face in prayer. A spiritually-minded man is not spiritually-minded by accident, or through drifting with the current, but through a continual turning of the thoughts towards God.
10 June The battle is won, the strife is over, the long path of regeneration traversed. “There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from His.” Rest stands for the Sabbath, or seventh and final stage of regeneration, which is entered into when all conflict is finished.

When a Psalm is used, it produces a psychological effect, so that either the mind is raised to the Divine level, or an upper stratum of mind is opened or brought into a state of activity. It is helpful to describe this as the super-conscious or spiritual mind – the mind which is capable of thinking God’s thoughts after Him.

This is possible only when we arrive at a state of Stillness; but it has to be Divine Stillness, which is a high state of mind, the product of intense spiritual and mental activity, and not a passive sinking down into negative quietness.
11 June When we have become tired of the far country, the riotous living, and then the swine and the husks, and when we have learnt to hate it all, and to yearn for a better life and God, we find Love standing by us waiting to bless. O how great and wonderful is the love God!

Jesus was one with interior Divine Order, and because of this He radiated health wherever He went. Instantaneous healings came to those who made contact with Him. The dead were raised to life, food was multiplied for the hungry thousands, the stormy sea was hushed to calmness at His word.
12 June The mind can entertain only one type of thought at one and the same time; therefore, the way to overcome weakness and fear is to fill the mind with thoughts about God, and what He is, and what He can do, and what He has done for us and all His people in times past. If we persevere in this, then the mind becomes gradually and progressively raised, until at last it works in unison with the Divine Mind, and we enter into peace and a sense of perfect security. Then we know, even as God knows, that all is well. Such a realisation can never be reached by the finite mind, but only by the Christ or Spiritual mind which can think in unison with the Mind of God.

We are drawn back to our Divine Source, from which we sprang, not through self-effort, but through the attracting power of Infinite Love. And so we pass along, calm and untroubled, to our great objective – union with the Divine.
13 June There is One who is Lord of this Divine Order because He has overcome, by non-resistance, all the powers of darkness, disorder and evil. There is One who lived in the Glory of the Light Realms and of whom it was not presumptuous to say that He was equal with God, yet who took upon himself all our human weaknesses and infirmities and suffered the greatest possible humiliations for our sake, in order that we might be delivered form the disorder of the flesh and the carnal mind and brought into the joy, liberty, harmony and bliss of the Divine Order.

When we have entered into Truth our life is completely changed. Whereas, formerly, our pathway became darker and darker, and our life gloomier and gloomier, and we, ourselves, more pessimistic, day by day, now, thanks be, our course is like a ray of dawn, growing stronger, and shining more brightly, day by day, until it reaches the meridian of glory and beauty – the meridian which is never passed, the brightness and glory which can never become dim or fade away.
14 June This Mighty Son of Heaven who became so weak and humble for our sakes, had to attain and to be perfected, after which He became an high priest after the Order of Melchizedec.

And this Mighty one is with us now. Jesus Christ, Lord of Heaven and Earth, is here. He it is Who is helping us through the darkness; for we all have to pass through darkness before entering the Light of full Attainment, when the shadows flee away, and the devils of temptation leave us for ever.

God is in the midst of our experience. That which is weighing us down now will, later, raise us up.
15 June Attainment without tears and victory without defeat, if such were possible, would produce in us a state of heart and mind and will that would keep us out of the Kingdom of God. The heart would tend to become hard, and also the self would become exalted, if we did not meet with experiences which humiliated us. Before we can enter the Kingdom of God, before we can reach the heart of God, and before we can become at one with the Divine, our pride has to be humbled, and the self reduced to vanishing point.

When we surrender to Divine Love we make it possible for Divine Love to change us into Its own likeness. But sin has to be removed. We have to give up the things that hinder, not because we can be “saved” by so doing, but in order that by surrendering them, we let the King of Glory in.,
16 June The Scripture tells us to confess our sins, so that we shall think nor more about them. We are told definitely that if we confess our sins then we are freed from them entirely. See Isaiah1v, 7, and I John I, 9. Because we are freed in this way, we are able to direct our attention, not at our sins and weaknesses, but at their opposites or virtues, or better still, at the One Source of all virtues.

Let us laugh at our Trouble and Difficulty, for we get through them all right if we are Faithful, Patient and True.
17 June If we keep turning to the Lord and surrendering to Divine Love, then sin dies away, and its power over us is destroyed. The worst thing we can do is to cling to our sin, and at the same time invoke the Power of the Infinite. If we do this we destroy ourselves. Sin is not, however, merely doing wicked things; it is doing anything against Divine Love; it is acting contrary to Love’s behests; it is refraining from doing, or neglecting to do, the good we know that we ought to do.

What we need to aim for is not a negative state of mere absence of sin, but a fuller life, a God-filled life which casts out all weaknesses or sins. Sin, after all, is a falling short from the Divine Perfection, and this can be remedied not by fighting the weakness of falling away, but by turning to the Divine Perfection, so that we can grow into Its likeness.
18 June If we act according to the promptings of this Inward Monitor we enter into joy and freedom. It is as though a shell had been broken which had confined us hitherto. “The liberty of the Sons of God” is simply the freedom into which we enter through obeying the promptings of the Inward Spirit of Love, Goodness and Truth.

When we surrender to the Lord within, we no longer love sin, but we hate and loathe it. Then power is given us to follow purity and righteousness, which alone can give us joy. We cannot overcome sin by fighting it, but only by turning to the Good. Then comes Rest.
19 June All the time our mind is in a state of turmoil, or agitation, or engaged with our finite hopes and fears, no contact can be made with the Mind of God. When, however, our mind is raised up until it becomes keyed, no contact can be made with the Mind of God. When, however, our mind is raised up until it becomes keyed to the same note or vibration as the Divine Mind, and becomes attuned to the Stillness of the Secret Place, then it (our mind) works in unison, so that it produces Divine ideas of order, completeness and harmony, instead of finite ideas of disorder, incompleteness and disharmony. In other words, it becomes possible, to think God’s thoughts after Him, which is the highest form of right thinking. Thus, through the Stillness, and through being attuned to it, we enter the Realm of Boundless Power.

The worst thing we can do is to brood and worry over our failures, because by so doing we direct the attention of the sub-conscious mind to them, so that the power of habit and desire becomes increased, instead of diminished.
20 June “The way of the Spirit is harmony and peace.” Love can produce only that which is beautiful and good. We are told by St. John that God is love; and Love can desire for us only our highest good. If we think, and imagine, our highest conception of good, this is transcended by the good that Love desires for us, even as a mountain transcends the plain. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts that your thoughts.”

Christ changes our desires: we cannot transmute them ourselves. We cannot change them, because we have of ourselves no desire to do so. Desires after God and a perfect life are born in us from above. Our desires are divinely changed, or exchanged, through the love and mercy of our God.
21 June So many of us make attempts at meditating, or we try to enter the Silence as it is termed, and all that we achieve is either to fall asleep or enter into psychic states, which often are mistaken for spiritual experiences. How much better it is to make intelligent use of one of the Psalms., and through so doing become very wide awake and capable of entering into a realisation of Truth and Peace.

There is born within us a hunger after God which nothing short of finding God can satisfy. We desire to be cleansed within and every thought purified. We desire to think only those thoughts that are in perfect harmony with Truth; in other words, to think spiritually, or to think God’s thoughts after Him. Love, Joy, Peace.
22 June When we draw nigh unto God, God draws nigh unto us. When we return to our Father’s house, our Father meets us half-way, and showers every possible blessing upon us. In other words, we live in a friendly Universe which is maintained, held together and supported by love. When, therefore, we make our peace with it, we find that it responds to our advances, and endeavours to crown us with blessings and every form of good.

Our Lord said: “Not every one that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven: but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven.”

Thus does Christ call us to an entirely new life. He calls us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, through harmonious co-operation with the Father’s Will. He invites us to enter Eternal Life through Himself, i.e., Love, Sacrifice, Self-surrender.
23 June In the Inner Stillness is Infinite Power.

If we are in love with God, then we have no difficulty in thinking about Him. To do so gives us such joy that we find our soul turning to the Lord, with love and delight, for He is the great and eternal Lover of our soul.

Through experience, and through constant prayer, we advance until we leave all petitions and prayers of that kind behind, and seek God only. Rest in the Lord.
24 June One starts with the contemplation of one’s highest conception of God and Truth. But the time comes when it is necessary to pass beyond this to that which transcends all thought, all ideas, all understanding. The word “understanding” is used here in its ordinary sense, i.e. human understanding, or intellectual grasp. Thus the peace of God which passeth all understanding, is the peace into which the soul, in its transcendental state, passes.

How can we be come Heavenly minded? Love is the Key. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself … This do and thou shalt live.”
25 June Behind all the turmoil and unrest of the life of the sense, God abides eternally in Smiling Repose. Nothing can disturb the serenity, nor wreck the peace of the One Whose Mind is infinite, and Who is Wholeness and Completeness themselves. It follows then that what is needed, on our part, is for us to find God, for when this is achieved, we too can live in smiling repose, in the serenity and peace of the Infinite and Eternal.

The bliss of the Reality, when the heavens open and we glide into the Eternal! Who can describe this? No one, but all can experience it, and this is far better than merely reading or hearing about it.
26 June If we make a practice of finding God in days of ease then it is not so difficult to find Him when trouble and fear sweep down upon us like a wolf on the fold. Let us then practise the Presence of God. Let us dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High, and abide under the shadow of the Almighty; for then we shall find Him our refuge and fortress.

God’s ways are not our ways. The wisdom of the Spirit appears to be foolishness to the natural mind, but, if we follow it, all becomes well, a thousand times well. The teaching of Jesus, if followed, always leads to freedom, happiness and joy; and to a larger life, unknown to the natural man.
27 June We should constantly endeavour to live in the consciousness that, interiorly, we are spiritual beings, the offspring of God, living our life in Eternity, and abiding constantly in the Eternal. If we do this, then our thoughts become Cosmic or Universal in character, and life is looked at from the standpoint of Eternity and Reality. Thus, by adopting this “Child of God” attitude, as did the Apostle Paul and St. John the Divine, our thinking has a tendency to become of a Heavenly nature; for the simple reason that we cannot maintain such an attitude if our thoughts are allowed to wallow in the trough of human emotions, fear, and imperfection.

If we could see into people’s hearts we should find that the heavenly minded are full of joy, while those who were the reverse of heavenly minded are filled with unrest and misery. In other words, one would be found to be enjoying felicities of heaven, while the other would be living in an inward hell.
28 June If we perseveringly keep on praying for, or invoking, the Divine Order to appear we become conscious, in course of time, of its nearness and reality. We realise the transient and fleeting nature of evil and disorder, and, in contrast, the permanence and substantiality of Good and the Divine Order. When we realise that the Divine Presence and Order are with us now, and that we live and have our being in GOD, we can say without any attempt at self-deceit: “Good only can come to me.”

The one sovereign remedy for all human ills is to find God, and for our mind to become at one with the Mind of God. If we live our life in God, then every disorder becomes healed, and every disharmony adjusted. It is not, then, a question of overcoming disorders, or fighting against life, but of turning to God so that Divine order may take the place of our human disorder.
29 June When our heart and mind have been brought into a state of attunement with the Heart and Mind of the Divine, they work together as one. As a consequence, both we and our lives are transformed. From this we see that we have not to “treat” or pray for this, that or the other, but, instead, we have to be conformed to the mind and will of God. All that we have to do, in order to be freed from the tyranny of fate, is to reach to the heart of God, for then in the Stillness and Silence of the Reality, our mind becomes at one with the Mind of God.

We build our future by the thoughts we think, and the way we act NOW. Therefore, we will be faithful, This Day, to the best that we know.
30 June By becoming heavenly minded we come into harmony with Heaven. It has been said that if a soul were taken from the hells and put into Heaven he would shriek and plead in agony to be taken back into hell. He would be so out of harmony with Heaven that he could not endure it. Be this as it may, it is quite true that we can enter into the Heavenly Consciousness only when by becoming heavenly minded we have also become more or less harmonised with the atmosphere of Heaven .

There is mysticism and mysticism. There is a mysticism that tries to cut itself off from the practical affairs of life. Such is to be deprecated for it is unhealthy and unnatural. There, however, is the mysticism that makes us more efficient in practical life, of greater service to others, of more real help and use to the world, and yet enables us to live in heaven while we are still upon earth, and to experience bliss while yet in the body.

Rest in the Lord.


1 July Prayer might be divided into two classes. The first is the asking and beseeching prayer, which consists of mentioning our trouble, or weakness, or sin, or fall, etc., and then asking God to deliver us from it. The second consists of praise and thanks to God for what He is, and because He always delivers us, or is delivering us, or because we believe that He has already delivered us, although there may be no outward sign of any such deliverance having yet taken place.The powers of darkness war against the Heavenly forces of Light for the possession of the soul of the perplexed and harassed pilgrim.
2 July Things are by no means as hopeless as they appear to be. Failure is not due to inherent wickedness, because the love of sin has been surrendered, but rather to a lack of understanding of the laws of life, and through working against them, so that the odds are against us all the time, instead of, as they might be, in our favour.When we get away from the somewhat childish idea that we have to beg and beseech God to hear us and grant us favours, we are ready to pray even as Jesus taught.
3 July We think sometimes that we can create our own good. We think that we can visualise it, and will it into manifestation. If we succeed in doing this we find that such “good” is only fleeting; for “Every plant which my Heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.” God does not need to be persuaded in order to bless us; for He showers blessings upon us continuously. All that is needed is that we should be brought into such a state of correspondence with the Divine that the good that is showered upon us may be appropriated and utilised, so to speak. Or to put it in other words, the object of prayer is to raise our mind and soul vibrations so that they correspond with the Divine. Then Divine things become possible.
4 July Jesus Christ’s message to us to-day is the same as of old; and it is just as applicable, neither more nor less: “Wherefore, take no thought for the morrow.” Moffat’s translations puts the passage in a clearer light: “So do not be troubled about to-morrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. The day’s own trouble is quite enough for the day;” In other words, we are told to live one day at a time.It is necessary for us to enter into the truth about God, that He is a God of love, order, harmony, wholeness, beauty and peace, otherwise we live lives that are full of anxiety and care instead of being care-free and full of joy.
5 July We know that sin, such as lust, impurity, selfishness, hate, uncharitableness, untruthfulness, insincerity, unfaithfulness, living below our ideals, fear, mistrust, is not good, but evil.. We also know that disease, sickness, penury, disaster, disharmony, wretchedness, misery, care, anxiety, ugliness, disorder, are evil and not of God, although He can bring good out of every experience. Intuition tells us that the Divine Idea concerning each one of us, and the world in general, is perfect, and that this Idea is not merely a negative absence of evil, but a positive expression of love, truth, order, beauty, wholeness – in other words, Heaven. “The Living Christ within me is my Healer. To Him I surrender all my wrong ways.”
6 July God in His infinite wisdom and mercy has veiled the future and hidden the past. We know not whence we come, nor whither we go. Faith alone tells us that we come from God and are returning to God our one eternal home. Through not knowing, in a human sense, faith is developed and search made for Reality and Realisation.“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.” This beginning stage of conscious effort is necessary, and has its place in the scheme of things, but it is a stage that has to be left behind. It is only preliminary. Really, the first step is to acknowledge that all good comes from the Lord.
7 July Divine Love and Wisdom are continually endeavouring to lead us into the right way – the way of order, perfection and harmony. But man, being a free agent, cannot be forced or overruled, he must come to the Truth in his own way, and of his own free will. In the true Path of Life is harmony, peace, beauty, order and infinite good.Heaven is where the Lord is and where, consequently, Divine Order is. When we are conscious of the Divine Presence we are in a state of Heavenly consciousness. Actually, the Divine Idea is for every perfectly expressed, but we live in a lower consciousness (a form of separate consciousness), in which we fail either to live up to our privileges and possibilities, or to apprehend or appreciate the Divine beauty and order.
8 July Because we can never know in a human or intellectual sense, we seek interiorly until we KNOW, though inward conviction and direct spiritual understanding, that all is well. When this spiritual knowledge comes to us, flooding our soul through an inward awareness, we cease to worry, our anxiousness falls from us, and we stand amid the ages clad in conscious immortality. Then do we know that the God who has kept us hitherto will always be with us, the same Lord will sustain us: “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end.”It is only through love and service that we can really bless the world, leaving it a better place than we found it.
9 July The great secret of overcoming all the difficulties in life is always to maintain the positive attitude. To aim at a sinless life is merely negative. We can never be successful by striving after a negative goal. Evil in itself is negative. Therefore, to aim at mere freedom from sin is doubly negative. It is psychologically incorrect and is doomed to failure, just as surely as it is to argue logically from wrong premises, or to work at a mathematical problem in defiance of the rules governing mathematics. Psychologists have been wiser than many spiritual teachers, in that they have taught that a habit cannot be overcome by fighting it, but only by building up a habit of an opposite character.Too often alas! Our only belief, as far as this life goes, is not in God (a God who is of any practical use or help in this life_), but in chance and luck. If we are lucky, well and good. If we are unlucky, then we must grin and bear it.
10 July God is not a God of disease, disharmony, disorder, penury, destitution, misery and ugliness, but of health, wholeness, harmony, order, abundance, joy and beauty, to an infinite degree.Too long has it been thought that the Will of God is disease, sickness, ill-health, bereavement, grief, penury destitution and everything that is painful and unpleasant.

Joy and Peace attend us now: the Divine Blessing is always with us. And it “is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.”
11 July All deliverance, all protection, all safety, all freedom, come from the Lord. The Lord (the almighty power of Supreme Good) Omnipotent reigneth. To the extent that we realise this truth and put our trust in it, we are brought into a Stream of Blessedness and Divine Providence. We trust the Omnipotent (Who is Love), and there is then none other power, for there is, and can be, only one Omnipotent, and the Omnipotent is at all times willing to become our Refuge.Everything comes to pass at the right time, and everybody and everything is in his and its right place at the right time, and the whole works harmoniously in co-operation and co-ordination with one Supreme Will, which is Infinite Love guided by Infinite Wisdom.
12 July There can be, therefore, no turning back, no returning to the irresponsible attitude of past times and stages, but rather a pressing forward to learn from Jesus and the experiences of the regenerate life the secret of the untroubled and truly care-free life,. Not care-free through ignorance or lack of imagination, but care-free through knowledge of the Divine Mysteries and a deeper and more intimate fellowship and union with God.While it is not possible for us to alter circumstances, events and happenings when they have appeared, it is possible for us to create harmonious and beautiful conditions through correcting the cause.
13 July Christ does not teach us, metaphorically, to hide our heads in the sand, refusing to look at facts, but to face life boldly, trusting in a Heavenly Father Who is Omniscient (even the very hairs of our head are numbered, and not a sparrow falls to the ground without being known to Him), Omnipresent (always with us, just like an invisible friend at our elbow), Omnipotent (according our faith, there is no limit to what can be accomplished by His power).Right thinking is a very different thing from merely dismissing from the mind the things we do not like to face. I am giving special emphasis to this, because so many people who congratulate themselves upon being right thinkers are not positive thinkers at all, but only negative thinkers.
14 July In the future we shall have to live with the thoughts that we are thinking to-day, and also with all the circumstances, happenings and environment which are the natural and inevitable result of such thinking. Therefore, it is obvious that both for our own sakes, and that of others, it is advisable that we should choose to think only those thoughts which are pure, wholesome, strong, fearless, and in alignment with Truth.If we play the game to-day we can leave to-morrow to take care of itself.
15 July God mercifully hides the future from our sight. It is not given to man to know what life holds in store. Our Lord tells us to live one day at a time instead of attempting to pry into the future. Be it noted that this is not done because we are the victims of an evil and exorable fate and therefore we should be overwhelmed with horror and fear if we looked forward to what lay in store for us. Our Lord has a better message than this. He tells us that all good and necessary things shall be ours.It is possible to change our thoughts so that we think the very opposite of “trouble,” but it may be quite impossible either for us to deal with or control the trouble which wrong thoughts produce.
16 July The unenlightened, ignorant and stupid, or the young and irresponsible, may be happy-go-lucky. They are so because they do not possess sufficient imagination or experience to be otherwise. They simply don’t know, therefore they don’t care. But those who are more advanced are careful and anxious because they have attained to the stage of responsibility.The new Life, lived in God, is a constant growth towards Perfection..
17 July It is not our griefs, trials, difficulties, sufferings and troubles that destroy our peace, undermine our health and turn life into a veritable nightmare, but our anxiousness. We are prone to look back with envy upon those simpler days, when our Lord was man amongst us. Then, so we fondly imagine, life was easy, happy and joyous. The strain and rush of modern life were absent. Therefore, we think, our Lord’s hearers might quite easily follow His advice to “take no anxious thought for the morrow.” But we are wrong. The anxieties of man have neither increased nor changed.We are told that in the after life we always have around us an environment that corresponds to our state of heart and mind. In this life, however, this is not so apparent. Here, a Heavenly minded man is not necessarily to the outward eye surrounded with beauty and splendour, neither is a devilishly minded man necessarily surrounded by ugliness and disorder.
18 July “And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.” “Then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth” – Isiah Iviii, 11-14.Life’s troubles and disorders have to be tackled at their source. We can change effects only by altering their causes. While we may not be able to alter to-day’s circumstances or happenings, for they are the product of past thinking, both good and bad, yet, today, we can start building a beautiful to-morrow.
19 July Is it not time that we thought of God in terms of Heaven, in which there is no disease or imperfection or lack, but only beauty, joy, harmony, loveliness, abundance and all that is delightful? God does not want us to be penurious, sick and miserable. Again and again in the Bible God promises prosperity to the righteous, and God has not changed. In the New Testament health and healing are emphasised, and again God has not changed. Even our Lord and His disciples, who deliberately forsook all and refused to own any property, never lacked any good thing. There is no evidence that they ever experienced lack or penury.If our face is turned constantly towards the Light, we mount ever upwards to higher and better things.
20 July This day and every day I will be faithful to Love’s decrees.Divine Love can reach down to us, just where we are, to meet completely our need.
21 July I will be love in all that I think, say or do. I will think and speak of others only to help and bless.God, as Divine Love, can find us out and be with us in our present planes of consciousness, bringing us back to a state of union with the Divine.
22 July “My true life is lived in the Infinite,

and the Infinite life is in me.”The object of all the great religions has always been the realisation of the above truth. It is also the object of our life’s experience that we should become aware of our identity with the inward heavenly man, who is the true child of God. Of him St. Paul said that he lives and moves and has his being in God. Again, St John says: “God is love: and he that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in God, and God in him.”

In joy unspeakable, we discover Reality, and we find it in that Eternal Love which has followed us all our days, and which will never let us go, and from which we shall never attempt to escape.
23 July St Paul says: “Look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.” In a few words we are directed to the very heart and secret of the whole matter. To hold such an ideal in the mind, and to live our life patiently in the light of this ideal is surely the secret of all successful living, and of the highest spiritual attainment.Let your worries go, and turn to the Lord and rejoice in Him. Abide quietly in His Love, rest also in His Peace, for by so doing blessing shall come to you, and a Divine adjustment shall be brought to all your affairs.
24 July A sick person thinks in a way peculiar to a sick person, i.e. from the standpoint of sickness. A well person thinks from the standpoint of a person enjoying physical well-being. It is the same with feeling. The sick person feels sick and ill; the well person feels well and full of life and vigour. If the sick person could only think and feel in the way that a perfectly well person does, he would rapidly improve in health.Do not worry over your failure or failings, just lay them aside, but travel your appointed path in life with patience, looking all the time at your ideal, the Lord Jesus Who has blazed the trail and made this life of victory and overcoming possible.
25 July Therefore our Lord bids us not to lay up treasure upon earth where moth and rust doth corrupt and where thieves break through and steal: but to lay up for ourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through and steal.St Paul exhorts us to “lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.” In these few words, in which is embodied the soundest Psychology, he gives us the secret of successful living.
26 July We rejoice in the wholeness that is Divine, and which, through grace, we share with the Author of all life, health, wholeness and perfection. We no longer think in terms of disease, death and corruption, but in terms of Truth, Life and Reality.Within us is the Power. The Power of God’s perfect life. Not our own power, but the power of a new quality of life, a new-born quality of life, that is diseaseless, deathless, eternal.

There is a correspondence between looking up with the physical eyes and keeping the thoughts up. If we keep gazing on the ground, our thoughts tend to be of the earth, earthy. But, if we look up, our mind tends to become raised.
27 July Through looking for the good in life we are not only enabled to find it, but also, through realising the true nature of life, we are led to co-operate with it instead of opposing it, so that useless and purposeless suffering is avoided. The way of the Spirit is harmonious and peaceful. God Who is Love, Harmony, Peace and Divine Order can proceed only in harmonious and peaceful fashion. When we go with Him all is well.If we become still, in the right way, then we know God. This stillness is the stillness of the highest activity. In it our ordinary thinking is transcended. This is very different from inhibiting thought, or making the mind empty.
28 July In the mount of the Lord, only Divine order prevails. This is spoken of by Jesus as “the Kingdom of God and His righteousness,” righteousness standing for Divine order. Therefore in the Super, or above the senses, Consciousness, there are no accidents, or disasters, or disease, or poverty, or any other form of disorder. These belong only to the lower plane of consciousness. Evil has power only on its own plane; it cannot, and may not, ascend into the mount of the Lord. It is only those of a pure heart who can and may do this.If we desire deliverance, then we should praise God for it, for it is already ours in the Invisible. If we persevere in praising and thanking God for that which we know is ours in the Invisible, given us by Divine Love, then blessing comes into our visible life, above all that we ask or think.
29 July God is always in a state of repose, because He can think and will only that which is good. God is always in smiling repose, because His mind, being infinite, knows the end from the beginning, and He therefore knows that all is well, and that all things are being overruled for good, and the Divine purposes, which are infinitely good, are being worked out, and brought to their glorious consummation.The majority of people do not know that they desire eternal satisfaction, or that they are really seeking Reality. But they desire it nevertheless. They seek satisfaction in a variety of things, in pleasure, in intellectual or artistic pursuits, in ambition, in fame, in human loves, but, alas! they find it not, except in so far that art leads them to That which stands behind it, and is its only true inspiration and basis.
30 July Thanks and praise open the consciousness to see the Truth, even as the eyes of the young man with Elisha were opened to see the invisible horsemen and chariots, symbols of God’s deliverance and succour. The blessing is always present in all its completeness and infinitude, but our eyes need opening and our ears unstopping. Thanks and praise tend to open the eyes of our consciousness and to unstop the deaf ears of our understanding, so that we can see the salvation of the Lord, and can hear His voice.We cannot drag down God to our level; if we are to enter His peace we must be lifted up to His level. Our vibrations have to be raised, so to speak; we have to be brought into a higher key in order to vibrate at the Divine level. We are told to be still, and know God.
31 July I have seen people who have been worn out with strain, worry and care, and those who have been agitated, and in a pitiable condition of unrest, enter into a peaceful and blissful state, through being told that the way of the Spirit is harmony and peace. When the words were uttered it seemed as thought a great Spiritual Presence filled the place, and we floated out into the Eternal, on the River of God’s peace. Yet, when such a thing as this happens, there is no exercise of personal power, or human personality, but there is a sudden uprush of Spiritual Power which lifts us up above the things of time and sense.“Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.“He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.

“Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall;“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

They that hear shall live.Our Lord came to share with us His own eternal or God nature. Just as He was the Incarnate Word, or Logos, so also we were to have the seed of the Eternal Word implanted in us by the Holy Spirit.


1 August The Spirit supplies what is necessary at the time; we have to trust the Source of all Life for the future. Neither must we cling to that which is given to us. “Freely ye have received, freely give” is the law which all followers of the Spirit have to observe.We are “like a tree planted by the waters, that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.” We are rooted and grounded in the One Power and Life from which everything springs.
2 August In infinite and inexhaustible Life and Substance we find all that we need, and we can find it nowhere else. In the love, power and might of God we are forever protected, sustained and preserved from all evil. Because we live and have our being in God, evil is excluded, and only good can come to us.We, therefore, live and move and have our being in God. In Him we possess, for “right uses,” everything that is necessary for our spiritual and temporal life. We can no more lack any good thing, really, than an angel in Heaven, or even God Himself. We are forever loved and cared for.
3 August We may have been so thoroughly beaten and discomfited by “the sin that doth so easily beset us” that there seems no possibility of victory and overcoming. But, again, in our extremity, driven by failure and humiliation back upon God, we can only trust Him, for nothing else will keep us.Continually in life we are confronted by two paths, one leading to separateness, darkness, and misery; the other to Joy, Happiness and Peace. It is Divine Wisdom alone that can lead us into the only right path. Without such guidance we would be beguiled into the way of darkness and misery.
4 August Finding, then, our refuge in God, and abiding under the shadow of the Almighty, we find ourselves forever loved and cared for, and the recipients of all good and blessing.Because we seek Wisdom from Thee, all our ways are ways of pleasantness, and we are led in paths of peace.

“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” The way of the Spirit is not that of fierce controversy, denunciation, noise, friction, tumult. It is harmonious, peaceful, gentle. “He leadeth me beside the waters of quietness.” He careth for you.
5 August When we are confronted by difficulties and problems the one essential question to ask ourselves is, “Have I done everything according to Divine principle; have I acted righteously in the matter, with a pure and true motive, free from all ulterior motive?” If we have acted according to Truth and Righteousness, with the object of service rather than personal gain, then all that remains if for us to put our entire trust in God and the Law. After which Truth demonstrates itself, and we find that we can lack no good; for the Invisible Powers work on our behalf, and they are greater than the powers of the material plane.God always meets Big experiences with great demonstrations of His Love and Power.
6 August God is the Eternal Good, and if we act righteously, in harmony with the Immutable Laws of Life, and put our entire trust in God and Truth, then Good and Truth demonstrate and justify themselves. We, ourselves, have not to demonstrate anything. Truth manifests itself in the form of good, if we fulfil the conditions.Again and again in the Bible it is stated definitely and unmistakably that those who shelter in the Eternal can lack no good thing, that they are preserved from all evil happenings, that, thought they may make slips, yet the Eternal rescues them.
7 August The true Spiritual Source of our Supply is not on the surface, but is an inner “ground,” known only to those who wait upon the Lord in prayer. In this secret place, when all surface thoughts have been stilled, we can truly say: “God is my supply.” We can never want any good thing, for God is the Source, Originator and Storehouse of all good things.Our supply can never fail, because its Source is spiritual, and Spirit possesses all things. We have no need of riches or hoarded treasure, for the Infinite is our inexhaustible storehouse.
8 August When we live in the consciousness of constant unity with our Source, or Root, health comes to us just like the opening of a flower. Without any effort the flower responds to the action of the sun, and air, and dew, and unfolds its petals, revealing its flawless beauty and perfect form. So also is it with us, when we live in constant unity with the One Perfect Life and Source of Life. We unfold like a flower in the sun and the dew.Our Source is inexhaustible; it is what we think about it that makes the difference. If we think it can fail, it may appear to do so; but if we really have faith enough to believe that it can never fail, it never will or can do so.
9 August Strange though it be, it is not easy to trust the God who loves us more than we love ourselves, and more than we love the most precious of human relations. Strange though it be, it is not easy to trust the One who is more faithful and trustworthy than the finest human character we have ever known. We feel that we must remain at the helm of our frail craft. We dare not trust the benign Power of this Current that knows the way. But, in course of time, we learn to trust, to let go, to surrender all to the “Love that wilt not let me go.”We may be able to do mighty works, in the name of Christ, but, if we are not of a Heavenly nature, we do not belong to Heaven, and cannot claim its supply and protection.
10 August Discovering the true Substance which is the Reality that upholds the universe establishes our consciousness in That which truly IS and which can never fail, grow less, or decay, and which remains unaffected when outward things fail. Material substance is but a reflection in time and space of the true Substance which is eternal.The teaching of Jesus is that those who seek first (and presumably find) the Kingdom of God and His righteousness shall have every needed material good added to them. When we find the Kingdom we discover Reality, the only true Substance.
11 August As I gaze at the flowers on my desk, and listen in imagination to their silvery voices, I know that Love can never forsake me. “Look on us,” they seem to say, “we are expressions of the Love that never grows cold, of that bounty and mercy that never fail. We come to express to you the Father’s Love. What rich provision of beauty He has provided for your enjoyment!. We come from the unknown and invisible to tell you that all is well – that beauty and joy, and bounteous plenty are the Divine intention towards man. The One Who provides such profusion can never fail to supply your every need, or to keep you amid all the vicissitudes of your life.”

Neither looking at the past, nor regarding the future, I think only of the present, relying entirely upon Thee, Who art Lord of my Life. I live only one day at a time, leaving tomorrow to take care of the things of itself.
12 August Each day we come to the secret place of quiet stillness which is the abiding place of all power and all that is superhuman, and say: “Give us this day our daily bread.” We look to our spiritual source and thus become liberated from the tyranny of the material plane.

Thy love makes provision for my every need, every possible want is already supplied and always has been, from before the foundation of the world. Thou art unchanging and unfailing. Thou Who has cared for me and Who hast loved me, and hast protected and provided for me all these years, will continue to do so.
13 August There is only one God, or Lord, and He is Love. There is only one Omnipotent Power and that is God. There is only one real Presence and that is the Presence of God. Because of this the only Omnipotent Power is Love, and the only real Presence is the Presence of Love. Beloved, shall we fear, when there is only Love? Shall we not rather rest in this eternal and omnipresent Love, and be at rest?

When we have become attuned to Heaven, we can truthfully affirm that Heaven looks after us. The Twenty-Third Psalm becomes true in our experience because we are willing to follow the good Shepherd as He leads us to All Good.
14 August “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” is for ever true. “The Lord God omnipotent reigneth.” That is, the Lord, the God Who is Love is omnipotent and is the only power. Let us have boldness therefore to approach Him. Let us rather realise that He is here, and there is none other beside Him, He is the One and Only God, and He is LOVE.

It may seem, at times, as though God had forsaken us, but He is present nevertheless, and to the extent that we realise this, do we find that it is true, and that Good is behind seeming evil and that nothing that seems to contradict this can be true.
15 August This indeed is true, that God is Infinite Good and Love. That is to say, Good cannot be not-Good, or not-Love. Because God is Good and Love, and because He alone has the arranging of every detail of my life, then every experience and every situation must either be good itself, or else lead to good. Therefore, I go forward into every experience trusting in God, Who is leading me all the time to my highest good, through His Infinite Love. Every step of the way He is proving Himself to be the Friend Who never fails, the One Who is equal to every demand that we, or our needs, can make upon Him. Every experience, rightly met, does but raise us to higher achievement, and nearer to the heart of God.

Doing, through grace, the right thing to-day, and being faithful in all that I have to do to-day, enables me to leave the future with Thee. Being led by Thy Spirit in all things, I am guided to do to-day that which will bring a harvest of blessing in the future. Therefore, I have no anxiety or care. All strain and fear are gently laid aside, and I rest confidently in Thee.
16 August It is Heaven that supplies the need of the child of God. Also, it is Heaven that protects and guides everyone who is attuned to Heaven and lives according to its laws. It is not everyone who says Lord, Lord, who enters into, and lives in, this inner kingdom of order and sufficiency, but only those who “do the will” or are attuned to the Divine harmony, and who live according to Heavenly laws.

God is present, in all the infinitude of His love and power, in every experience of life. If we have to meet an experience that seems wholly evil, still God is in the midst of it. He does not leave us to our own devices: He upholds us by His power, if we “wait upon Him.”
17 August When we live according to Heavenly laws, we are brought into correspondence with Heaven; and so it is possible for Heaven to look after us. The Lord is our Shepherd, to the extent that we follow Him. He leads the way always to the rich pastures and the cool, quiet waters, and restores our soul, and leads us in the paths of Divine order and harmony, if we follow Him, not otherwise. Always, the Lord leads to “goodness and mercy,” but we find these only to the extent that we follow Him.

When the experience that we have to face is a big one, then God enables us to meet it with all the resources of His Infinite Strength and Power. “He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength.” He does not weaken us by making life easier, but He makes us so strong that difficulties grow smaller in comparison.
18 August If we follow the leading of the Lord, we become attuned to Heaven, and find that all God’s promises are true. We discover that St Paul’s words are for ever true: “My God shall supply all your need, out of His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus.” To the extent that we think and live in harmony with the Interior Kingdom of order and good which our Lord represented, are we kept and sustained and protected by Heavenly powers.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want any good thing.
19 August Divine supply comes to us in the face of world depressions, rationalisation, and other restrictions and impoverishments. Not only so, but the Lord, the Creator and Preserver of all mankind, prepares a banqueting table in the face of all our fears and doubts. In the face of all these, our enemies, we affirm the eternal truth that we, as children of the one God, can never lack any good thing, neither can any ill come nigh us.

The Eternal God is my Father; therefore, I am for ever loved and cared for, even from before the foundation of the world.
20 August There is all good, both temporal and spiritual, in the One and Only Source of Good.

It becomes ours to the extent that we trust God for it, recognising and acknowledging that good does not come from our natural selves, but from God only.

The great Shepherd of souls does not do anything by halves. His supply is not a stinted one. “Thou preparest a table before me.” Not a crust on the doorstep, but a banqueting-table, loaded with plenty, at which we are the honoured guests.
21 August Supply may come through consecrated human channels, but it comes from the Lord.. “My God shall supply all your need out of his riches in glory, by Christ Jesus.” It is through the risen Christ in each child of God that all these beautiful acts of love and service which make life harmonious and beautiful, become possible. All these lovely things happen only amongst those whose one desire is to love and serve, instead of to hold and keep. How blest our life becomes when our one object is to give, and not to get!

When we are beaten, and yet trust in God, He then arises in His strength, and puts to flight the enemy.

Yes, God is able. His strength is made manifest in our weakness, so that, “when I am weak, then am I strong.”
22 August The Lord, Who is the One Universal Indwelling Spirit, and Who is alive in all who have been spiritually quickened, because He is Infinite Knowledge and Intelligence, knows all our needs, and prompts us to act accordingly, so that each one does the right thing at the right time. As a natural result everyone is blest, and harmony reigns supreme.

(God) “is able to do exceeding abundantly, above all we ask or think” – Eph.iii,20.

Praise be, God is able to do through us far more wonderful things than ever we dream of asking or even imagining.
23 August The Lord looks after His own if we will only let Him; that is, if we do not prevent His bounty from manifesting through lack of faith. The supply that comes through wrestling with the world by our own efforts is hard to obtain and difficult to hold. Every man’s hand is against us and even the bread that we would put in our mouth may be knocked out of our hand. But the supply that comes from the Lord comes softly and gently like a fall of snow in the night-time, and it is held easily for no man will seek to take it away.

The same Power that upholds the stars and the same Intelligence that guides them in their courses, support and guide us in every detail of our life.
24 August It is only those who live dangerously and adventurously, spiritually, who discover the protective care of God. If St. Paul had lived a safe life he would never have experienced God’s protection in shipwreck, when bitten by a viper, and in other dangerous situations. If we are adventurous for God then we tap the resources of Divine Power, Wisdom and Love.

In spite of outward appearances, and in spite of our doubts and fears, it remains for every gloriously true that Jehovah is our shepherd, and His first care is our guidance, protection, and supply of every need.
25 August Care and anxiety flee away when we realise that we live in a Universe of perfect order, and that all that we have to do, in order for our life and affairs to manifest the same perfect order, is to come into harmony and correspondence with the One Author, Centre and Source of all life and the Universe. Better still is it if we can realise that interiorly we are at one with this Divine order, and that we are rooted and grounded in the Eternal Perfection.

The Lord is trying to lead us all to a better way of life, in which we are guided by the One Spirit Who is alive in us all. In this better way of life every need is met, because the Spirit, being omniscient, knows every need, and also how it can be supplied.
26 August Evil things enter our consciousness if our mind is not stayed upon God. “Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.” If only we could stay our mind upon God, as taught in the 91st Psalm, no evil happening could ever affect us.

There is everything that we need laid up for us in the Divine Providence, but if we do not believe it, it remains outside our experience.
27 August Everything that man needs, both spiritually and temporally, has been provided for him from before the foundation of the world. The Divine purpose concerning each one of us is not penury, lack, disaster and disorders, but sufficiency, harmony, order and every possible form of good. If we think otherwise this in itself is sufficient to separate us from the good which God has designed for us.

The Lord does not have to run after good, for He is Self-sufficient and everything is contained within Himself. Because He is with me, and I am united with Him, all that is His is shared with me.
28 August If it is true – and it is gloriously so – that God has planned loving care and supply for each one of us, it is equally true that He has also planned the way we should go. When we have learnt how to follow the leading of the Spirit, we have solved the problem of supply and protection. We have also discovered the secret of the care-free life.

The presence, O Lord of Light and Love and Power Divine, is always with me, and Thy Spirit goeth before me preparing my way. Because Thou art nearer than breathing I am able to commune with Thee at all times and at any moment.
29 August Do we need protection? Then the Divine Presence can protect us from all evil, no matter how fearsome it may appear to be.

Do we need supply, or the lifting of a heavy financial burden? Then the Divine Presence can do this for us, just as easily and with as little effort as the sun rising each morning.

But, it is necessary that we acknowledge the Presence of God; it is necessary that we practise the Presence of God.

The Presence of God, which is Divine Good and Blessing, is always with us. This is as true when we are in deep trouble as it is when we are enjoying the Light, and when every blessing is heaped upon us.
30 August We all have to pass through the Dark Valley, or the Valley of the Shadow, but we find God there, and the greater our extremity the nearer God is found to be. We find Him as the One Who fights for us, thus making victory not only possible, but a foregone conclusion. We find God also as the One Who saves and restores us when we fail and wander away.

No matter where we may go, nor what we may do, God’s Presence is always with us. In this Divine Presence is contained everything that we need, no matter what it may be. Do we need deliverance? Then the Divine Presence can deliver us, no matter how impossible such a thing may appear to be.
31 August The first thing to do is to live in the thought and consciousness of this truth that God, Who is the One Source of all life, abundance, good and joy, has prepared for us all that we need in the Divine Providence. We should continually acknowledge to “our Father” that all good comes from Him, and that because He is “Good”, only good can come from Him.

Yea, thine everlasting and almighty arms are forever underneath me, and though Heaven and earth were to pass away, they would still support me. Therefore, whatever may befall me, and no matter what may happen to me, Love can never fail, and I am still in perfect security in Thy care.

“I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”


1 September How can we find GOD? How can we become established in Truth, be re-educated, and become GOD -Men, creating after the Divine likeness? We must persevere in spending all our available time in prayer and aspiration, training our mind and controlling our thoughts until we can make a direct ascent to GOD.

If we congratulate ourselves upon enjoying good health, and upon the fact that it is the result of our right thinking, then before long we receive a set-back, proving to us that we have left GOD out of our life. It is not our right thinking that gives us life and health, but the Lord, the Source of all life and health.
2 September It is necessary that we learn to concentrate upon the One Life and Source of Life, making ourselves receptive to Its inflow. Further, in order that it should be possible for the Regenerative Life Power to change both our nature and substance, our physical breathing must be brought into correspondence with the breath of the Spirit. GOD is our life.

When we have found the Divine Reality and Order, then that is the end of all the disorder and disharmonies of the sense life. All things are added when we discover Reality.

“Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.”
3 September The reason things are in the state they are in the world is that mankind is working against the laws which govern the Universe; and the reason man is so helpless and unable to find any way of escape is that he ignores GOD and his own inward sonship, and lives in a state of consciousness that is separate from GOD.

Our Lord said: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.” This is indeed a great, central, fundamental truth. When we have found the true Substance, all our problems of supply are solved, for we have found the hidden treasure and the purses which wax not old.
4 September It is through the risen Christ in each child of GOD that all these beautiful acts of love and service, which make life harmonious and beautiful, become possible. All these lovely things happen only amongst those whose one desire is to love and serve, instead of to hold and keep. How blest our life becomes when our one object is to give, and not to get! GOD in us.

When we practise the Presence of GOD we realise that GOD is with us at all times helping and sustaining us in a very real sense. We realise the Presence of GOD as a Presence of Wholeness. We realise that the Spirit of Health is present with us, and in us, and in every cell, atom and particle in our body.
5 September The message that the Bible brings to us is that man may become indwelt by the Spirit of the (ever) Living GOD, and may become a Son of GOD, in very truth. “For as many as received Him” – this Creative Logos or Word, in Whom is life, and Who is Life, and the One Source of all life – “to them He gave power to become the Sons of GOD.”

I am come that you might receive of My life in greater abundance, so that I become Life of your life, and Breath of your breath. I am come that I might live My life in you in perfect fullness, and create in you a perfect body that shall never decay, and which shall be eternal in the heavenly realms.
6 September We are beings, because we have our being in GOD. Without GOD we have no being at all. Because GOD is, we are, and without Him, we have no life, and no consciousness. Because we have life, consciousness, being, we know that GOD is.

If you will allow Me to enter your life, if you admit Me into your heart, I will be in you as a fountain of Living Water, springing up unto Everlasting Life. In my light you shall see Light, in My Life you will become like even unto Myself.

When our life is like a tangled skein, GOD is able to unravel it.
7 September The practical man can find GOD through the practical experiences of life: he gets to know GOD and enter into union with Him through being a partner with Him in many an adventure, and through being delivered by the Divine Providence many a time when all has seemed lost.

When we realise and know that GOD is the only Power, then there is no other power, as far as our consciousness is concerned. It is when we allow ourselves to be impressed or frightened by appearances of evil and disorder, or allow sin or evil thought to enter so that we descend to the earth consciousness, that evil has power over us. No wonder the Psalmist says: “He that dwelleth in the secret place,” and again, “Because thou hast made the Lord … even the Most High thy habitation there shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh they dwelling.”
8 September Intuition tells us – we simply know, and can affirm it, with all the strength of our being that GOD is good, and that His idea concerning us is life, wholeness, health, wholesomeness and good. We also know, in the same inward way, that accidents, calamities and disasters are not GOD’s plan towards us, but are a departure from it.

If we always lived in this Heavenly consciousness in which we know the truth about our true selves as children of GOD, and the truth about GOD and the Divine order and harmony, we would, in consequence, live in a state of Heavenly harmony.
9 September God, who is perfect, cannot image in His mind that which is imperfect. Behind this imperfection that we see is the Divine Perfection that we cannot see. Our life is perfect as it is imaged in the Divine Mind. Our life as imaged in the Mind of GOD is not filled with disorder, imperfection, disease, accident, friction and strain, but is harmonious, beautiful and perfect. The Real is perfect, it is only the unreal or temporal that is imperfect.

We are spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe, and it is one of our tasks to find our true place in the scheme of things – to find GOD everywhere, and ourselves in GOD; as well as GOD in us, as a spark from the Sacred Flame.
10 September The reason that surrender has been emphasised so strongly is that the Power of GOD cannot work in us until we do so. Until we surrender the thing that separates us from GOD, and also, in many cases, from our fellows, the life and power of GOD cannot flow into us and into our life.

It does not matter what our trouble or trial may be, nor how fearful it may appear, finding the Secret Place is the only remedy. When we have found it, and have entered it, then as we kneel in utter surrender with bowed head, the peace of GOD flows into our soul, and all our care drops away from us like an old worn-out garment.
11 September The only way be which we can become protected is by rising to the higher plane of GOD‘s presence, even as in the Bible we are told we may do.

Nothing is clearer in the teaching of the Bible than that it is the privilege of a child of GOD to be protected from evil happenings through finding refuge in GOD. The Psalms are a wonderful example of this. The Psalms are given us to use. Our Lord Himself quoted them as the very word of GOD.

We see that though the forces of disorder are still all around us, yet they have no power over us. Evil has power only on its own plane, and therefore cannot enter the Presence of GOD, which is perfect Divine order.
12 September So long as man lives apart from GOD, he is “unprotected”: he has to take whatever comes. Although we read and hear of people being warned in a dream and through acting accordingly they have been saved from disaster, yet I do not think much can be done by being careful. Being careful is a purely human precaution, and cannot help us much, but finding or realising GOD’s presence raises us above all evil and disaster.

We may long for the mountain tops, but, only too often, we dwell in the valley. We never seem to be able to do as Moses did, and climb the mountain to commune with GOD, and come down filled with power, and with a shining face. Rather do we remain in the valley, very often complaining of our hard lot.
13 September A psalm is a collection of thoughts, or a series of positive statements of absolute and eternal truths. Their burden is that GOD, or Jehovah, is mighty and omnipotent, and that the righteous man is forever in His love and care.

Many of us want to live by faith and to put our trust in GOD, yet we never reach the stage where we really know that we are eternally loved and cared for.

“We love Him because He first loved us.” We love GOD, because instead of a GOD of vengeance, Jesus revealed to us a GOD of Love.
14 September He who boldly determines to seek GOD in all the experiences of life, to live in entire dependence upon GOD, to be guided entirely by the Spirit, he it is who discovers GOD in everything, and therefore finds Reality. He enters into liberty, into a wider consciousness, in which he realise that he is a spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe in harmony and union with the Divine.

Countless thousands have been drawn from a life of sin and selfishness to become sons and daughters of GOD, simply through love.
15 September If the truth of the Psalms is affirmed in the face of the greatest trials and difficulties, then those trials and difficulties will either melt away or be overruled for good; or, the one who affirms will become so strong that he will be carried victoriously through or over them, to find on the other side the peace of GOD and the liberty of the sons of GOD.

GOD’s ways are not our ways: they are infinitely higher and better. The good that GOD, our all-wise Parent and Friend has planned for us, and desires us to enjoy, is infinitely better than anything we could possibly plan or imagine for ourselves.

St. Paul realised this, so he said: “Unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.”
16 September When we are in trouble, by all means let us pray about it, but let our prayer be that GOD should deliver us in His Own way, and at His own time. If we do this, then we leave the way open for GOD to do for us exceeding abundantly, above all that we ask or think, or could imagine.

It does not matter how great our trouble or difficulty may be, nor how seemingly hopeless our position, GOD, Who is Truth, can deliver us, and deliver us perfectly. Not only does GOD deliver us, but He does for us far more abundantly than ever we can ask or think.
17 September Every time that we find GOD in the Secret Place, our inward life is nourished and strengthened. Better still if we dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High, and abide under the Shadow of the Almighty, for then we are protected from all evil and upheld by Invisible Powers. Also we are nourished by the Bread of Heaven, and we drink of the Water of Life freely.

Man, also, as a son of GOD , is guided through all the maze of this life; and every effort is being made on the Spiritual side to bring him into Truth, so that he may realise and experience the loving care of the one Divine Father.
18 September The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

Now words of mine can ever describe the joy and thankfulness that is in my heart when I consider the wonderful way that I have been led, and guided, and delivered. In my extremity I affirmed the promises of GOD, and proved, through experience, that they were true.

“He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation” – Psalm 91.

Let the one in trouble do as David did – affirm that which was for ever true about the Lord, the Shepherd of souls, and himself as a sheep of His pasture, when he wrote the Twenty-Third Psalm. Let him affirm:

“The Lord is my Shepherd
I shall not want.”

This is not a mere poetic sentiment, it is eternal truth.
19 September When we are in trouble, or a dilemma, and we pray to be delivered, if we insist upon being delivered in a certain way, then our prayer may be answered, but our deliverance will not be either perfect or complete. If however, we pray that GOD should deliver us, not in a certain way, according to our desires and ideas, but in His own way, according to His infinite love, wisdom, knowledge and intelligence, then a perfect deliverance follows, which is harmonious, orderly and perfect, because it is according to the Mind of GOD.

What do I mean by keeping our face turned towards the Light? I mean, of course, turning to GOD. GOD is Spirit, and therefore everywhere present. GOD is the Only Power and Presence.
20 September The position may appear to be hopeless, from a human point of view, but it is not hopeless to GOD. We may appear to be helpless, forsaken and alone, yet actually this is not the case. The truth about man is that he is a son of GOD, as St John declares, or one of his offspring, as St Paul describes it. A son of GOD can never lack any good thing: he is provided for and loved and cared for, eternally.

GOD is Infinite Strength, Steadfastness, Endurance, Forbearance, Patience, Compassion, Long-suffering and every imaginable good quality of character, beyond all that we could think or imagine.

When we turn to GOD, we contemplate all these positive and Divine qualities, graces, and powers, which are the direct opposites of the miseries, sins and disorders of life.
21 September GOD is everything that we know to be good, in fact the sum total of all good, power, quality and virtue, and also the One Source of them all. GOD is all the good that we can imagine about Him, and more, to an infinite degree. He is Infinite Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Power, Life, Wholeness, Health, Beauty, Perfection, Order, Harmony: also Eternal Substance, Youth, Prime and so on.

GOD, as Divine Love, can find us out, and be with us in our present planes of consciousness, bringing us back to a state of union with the Divine.
22 September We know that the vast powers and intelligence of the sub-conscious mind work according to the pattern held in the Imagination. If the pattern is one of fear, failure, weakness, sin, and so on, then corresponding conditions are produced in the life, as a natural consequence. How much better is it to give the Creative Imagination nothing but GOD’s ideas and thoughts as a pattern to which to work. If this is done, perseveringly, then Heavenly conditions naturally follow.

The new life, lived in GOD, is a constant growth towards Perfection.
23 September We need to fill our mind with thoughts of GOD, goodness and perfection, instead of merely fighting against evil: we need to be filled with GOD and not merely emptied of sin: to contemplate the Divine order, instead of brooding over our troubles and disorders: to keep our face turned towards the Light, instead of fighting the phantoms of darkness: to realise that within us is “the true Light which lighteth every man which cometh into the world.” “As many as received Him” (the Logos) “to them gave He power to become the sons of GOD.”

Those who wrote the Psalms knew what they were doing, or a Greater Intelligence was working through them, as they wrote. Their object is to raise the mind to a point of realisation of the Infinite goodness, power, might, love and perfection of, the Only Reality and Presence.
24 September We know that all these glorious things are true of GOD, and that He is the Only Reality. By faith we believe that these things are also true of the Real Man. Jesus Christ came to reveal the true character of GOD, and also, in His own person and character, the True Man – what GOD is, and GOD ‘s true Idea concerning man, and what man may become, or discover himself to be, if he will only look to GOD and Perfection, instead of at his own weaknesses and failures.

There is one sovereign remedy for every ill and that is to find GOD. “Seek first the Kingdom of GOD, “ said Jesus
25 September There is a great difference between thinking of oneself as a creature of time and space, the sport of fate, and victim of circumstance, and thinking of oneself as a child of GOD, living eternally in union with the Divine. It makes for victory and overcoming in the difficulties of life. He wins through every adversity who maintains the victorious attitude by thinking of himself always as a son of GOD, upheld and sustained by invisible powers.

We are expressers of life-power; and this power comes from GOD. We are compelled to express this life-power because to do so is a law of life, just as breathing is a law of life.
26 September We ourselves cannot create perfect ideas. Perfect ideas can come only from the Perfect Mind of GOD. What is termed evolution, is not evolution at all, but an unfoldment of consciousness. It is not a creation even, but a returning to GOD. Man has departed from the perfect consciousness of GOD into the wilderness consciousness.

We are all consumed with a desire; and this desire, if traced down to its origin, is to find and know GOD.

But GOD can found only in Quietness, and the Silence, and the Secret Place of Stillness.
27 September Ordinarily, our surface mind, during waking hours, is perpetually in a state of activity. This activity prevents the spiritual mind from functioning; and, as it is only with the spiritual mind that we can know GOD, then it is obvious that it is the activity of the surface mind that prevents us from knowing GOD.

We can take our stand in God, and stay our mind upon GOD. Then, not only are we upheld by invisible Powers, but we learn our lessons quickly, through our willingness to surrender our fault, and to be taught of GOD through the experience.
28 September We have to be born from above, if we are to see the Kingdom of GOD. When we are born in to the Higher Consciousness we are able to see GOD everywhere, and to see GOD in everyone, and thus see the Kingdom of GOD.

He who thinks of himself always as a son of GOD, belonging to Eternity, gifted with all a son’s abilities and powers, rises above his difficulties and trials, even as a mountain towers above the plain.
29 September GOD is the only Power, the only Presence, the only Reality, the only Substance: He is Love: He is Divine order: He is Harmony, Peace, Joy, and Good that is supreme far beyond our highest thought or imagination.

It is possible for us to live the life of the limited, finite, three-dimensional self, and yet at the same time to realise that our true Self abides in the Eternal, and that our true life is lived in GOD.
30 September In Him we live and move and have our being we have no life apart from Him; but, when we have surrendered, entirely, we find that we have become children of Eternity.

GOD seeth only Himself in His creation. GOD seeth only Himself in thee. Unite thyself, therefore, with that which GOD seeth in thee, for in this unity lieth strength and victory.

When we know GOD, we find that GOD is the only Reality, and that beside Him there is none other: in other words, there is nothing but GOD, and GOD is all there is.


1 October The things which may cause anxiety and a state of worry to-day, are the very things which, if dealt with in a Truth way, will bring the seeker into a state of Realisation of Divine union to-morrow. The things which may seem to be the greatest hindrance now, will prove to be the very things which will bring the seeker into the Kingdom of Interior Harmony in the near future.

As God is the only Good, and the only Truth, there can be no true Life in us except to the extent that we are changed into the Divine Substance.
2 October One can advise certain psychological helps, but the only antidote or real preventive is to realise the Truth. Psychological methods may help one to keep his mind off fears, and thus prevent them from becoming an obsession, but it is only the knowing of Truth that can give protection against possible evil and disaster.

When we enter into Truth, we pass beyond the realm of ideas, thoughts and beliefs to the underlying Principle of Life.
3 October If we concentrate upon getting rid of worry only, then, after all, we are only dealing with things and effects. If, however, we enter into Truth, realising that we are one with the Interior Harmony Itself, then we are at the Source or Cause.

Did Jesus mean that we could study His teachings like a book of science and gain certain information like a chemical formula which would make us free?

No, because spiritual truths can only be spiritually discerned; while the carnal or sense mind regards spiritual truths as foolishness.
4 October The use of the Psalms is both positive and strengthening. It does not relegate good to the sweet bye-and-bye, but brings it into the present moment. It does not dream dreams while duties and responsibilities call, neither does it “fiddle while Rome is burning.” Instead, it faces the problem, the fear, or the worry, or the impending disaster, and brings Truth in opposition to it. There is no evasion; the Truth is brought squarely up against the trouble.

The extent of our freedom in this life is also the measure of effectual waiting upon God in the Secret Place in order that our creative imagination may be changed, so that it may create in accord with the Divine All Wise Imagination according to the pattern in the Mount.
5 October Until we enter into Truth, it is merely an intellectual concept to us. It has no power in our life: it cannot make us free.

So long as a man merely believes that he is a son of God, he simply holds an intellectual belief on the matter. This, or course, cannot free him from the worry habit: neither can it prevent negative thoughts from “worrying” themselves into his consciousness.

But when a man KNOWS that he is a son of God, he enters into freedom. He knows the Truth, and the Truth makes him free.

We cannot illumine others if we ourselves do not possess the Light. We cannot help others if we do not possess inward power. When we possess the power, or when the One Power works in us, then others are helped without any attempt on our part to be spiritual busybodies.
6 October If we say that we love God, and hate our brother, then we are liars. Plain words, but true; and after all, what we are seeking is Truth. We may be filled with knowledge of Theology, Metaphysics and Philosophy, but if we cannot love, and if we are not loving in the way and to the extent already described, we are still outside the New Life.

In Jeremiah we have the state of blessedness in which the man who trusts God finds himself. “Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.”
7 October In order to advance, we must make use of the Truth which we already have. In order to derive any good from our knowledge of Truth we must use the Truth that we have. We cannot expect to be healed, if our thoughts are allowed to revolve round our sick feelings, or our disorder, or our other troubles. If we know the value of raising our thought to Heavenly places, and of taking our stand in Truth and God, then we must keep our thoughts raised and must take our stand in Truth.

We have to get away from the “Time-space” consciousness in order to enter into Truth, in which there is no place but the Here, and no time but the Now.
8 October God is always a God of Love; but, when man separates himself from God by ignoring Him, and puts his trust in finite or external man, he places himself outside the Divine order and harmony. He banishes himself to the wilderness, or state of separateness in consciousness, “where no water is”; that is, where he cannot draw upon Divine powers.

When we raise our mind to Heavenly Planes we make contact with Reality – the Real and True, the Harmony and Order, the Beauty and the perfection, the Balance and the Poise of the Divine Idea perfectly and completely expressed.
9 October When we have entered into Truth we become more merciful and compassionate, more sympathetic and helpful, for the reason that we ourselves, having come through the darkness, are able to feel and sympathise with those who do not yet understand.

Let us remember that we must make use of the knowledge that we possess; exercise the powers that we have, and put into practice the Truth which has come to us: for, if we do not, then they pass from us. Divine gifts are given to us only for use. If we fail to use them, we lose them.
10 October After a time, we realise that if we are to think aright we must not only possess right affections, that is, to love Truth, and act from love, but also we must know something about Truth, in order that we may think from the standpoint of Truth. Very early we acknowledge that the only truly right thinking is thinking from the standpoint of Truth – that is, to think God’s thoughts after Him.

The problem of the world is first of all a personal and individual problem. We have first of all to solve our own problem, and find our own feet. In so doing we also help the world, because every time we find God in the Secret Place we let a little light into a dark world.
11 October There is true Life, Reality and Substance only in that which is Good and True. All else is a privation of God. The remedy for all forms of privation is to be filled with God, Who is the only Substance, the True Life, and the one Reality.

Our Lord said that if we continue in His word we shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make us free: John viii,32. By staying our mind upon God, by contemplating that which transcends thought, we abide in the Eternal, and then we suddenly realise, with great joy, that we have been made free.
12 October We are sustained, nourished, and supported by Divine life, and power, and if our sole hope is in God we are then even as a tree planted by the waters, which does not know when heat cometh, and which does not have to be careful (or anxious) in times of drought.

God, with all the goodwill possible, cannot help man if he separates himself from Him. Man must turn to the Lord and put his trust in the One Power of Good, before it is possible for Heaven to deliver him.
13 October Our Lord said, “If ye continue in my word …. ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.”

What did Jesus mean by this? Did He mean that we would understand theological truth, intellectually, and that through so doing we should be set free?

No, because those who are good theologians are as much given to worry as anyone else.

Those who are in difficulties over temporal supply must look to God for deliverance, and not to man. If they look to a new monetary system, or a new kind of government to help them, then they are not exercising faith in God, neither are they taking up a positive attitude.
14 October The 103rd Psalm is a wonderfully effective prayer and song of affirmation. God has given it to us: let us therefore make use of it, and thus reap the benefits which come to those who really practise Truth instead of merely reading or thinking about it.

This is the state of the world to-day. Man, in the mass, ignores God, and the Power within, and relies upon human wisdom and power; consequently, he is helpless in the grip of a world depression, and threat of war, because he has separated himself from God, so that God cannot help him.
15 October What is termed “realisation” is an expansion of consciousness in which we pass from effect to Cause, finding ourselves one with the Essence or Perfect Divine Principle. This is what is meant by KNOWING the Truth. The object of our Lord’s teaching was that men should KNOW the Truth, even as He knew it. Thus was He the first-born of many brethren.

If we make use of the Truth that we have, and live up to the Light that we possess, then greater Light and understanding come to us. This is why some beginners get wonderful results – they use the Truth that they have.
16 October God is an unchanging God, and is the same to-day as when He brought the children of Israel dry-shod through the Red Sea, and fed them in the Wilderness, and gave them water from a rock, and made their clothes and their sandals to “wax not old,” God is the same, there is not an atom of difference, He does not change.

Each positive word represents a positive idea. Each word possesses a vibration of its own, so that when uttered it produces an effect like unto its own character. If it is a positive word of Truth it produces in the soul a vibration, or liveliness, like unto itself.
17 October We have to seek and to find the consciousness of at-one-ment with That which Changes not, and which is the only Reality and substance. When we are at-oned in this way, we are at-oned with the Good, the Beautiful and the True; we are established in the only Reality and Substance, and are in union with the Divine order. Because we are in union with the only Reality, we are in union with Divine Perfection, wholeness, order, and harmony, for the reason that God is all these things and qualities, and far more.

Praise, too, is just as necessary as contemplation. It opens the consciousness so that the Truth about life is understood and known.
18 October Those who are ignorant of Divine Truth, who would otherwise be destroyed by contacting That which is entirely beyond their present stage of unfoldment or regeneration, are protected from harm, in the same way that those who are ignorant of electricity are protected by the insulation wrapped round the wire which carries the current.

The more we advance in understanding of Divine Truth, which of course is an interior understanding, coming not through the intellect, but by direct knowing by the soul, the more interior becomes our prayer.
19 October We have not to create our prefect Self, or to make ourselves perfect, but to discover God’s perfect thought concerning us, for this alone is true. God, Who is Truth, can see only Truth; therefore, all that hides Truth has to be discarded or exfoliated.

The secret springs of our life are desire and thought, and that while God changes or transmutes our desires, we have to discipline, control and direct our thoughts. Everything depends upon these. If they are not right then the outward life can show no fruit. But if, on the contrary, they are right, i.e. in harmony with Divine Love and Truth, then, no matter what we may have inherited of a disorderly character, order and beauty in some form must manifest.
20 October By babes is meant those who have been spiritually awakened; those who have been born again from above; those who have the heart and simplicity of a child.

All who love Goodness and Truth belong to this category, because it is impossible for anyone to love God, or even desire to do so, who has not the Spirit of God in him.

The cause of all our troubles is man’s wandering from Truth; and we can never find order and harmony apart from God, Who is Truth.
21 October To the extent that we live in the consciousness of Truth does Truth become true of us. Truth, as set out in the Twenty-third Psalm, Ninety-first Psalm, is for ever present. It is present with each one of us, now.

We need to get ourselves into harmony with the true Divine Optimism. We need to realise that the life of the child of God the Optimist – an optimistic Heavenly Father – must grow brighter and brighter and better and better day by day. We must not leave all the optimism to God who is an optimist because He knows all things, but to be optimists ourselves through faith, conviction and inward understanding.
22 October We have to acknowledge that we ourselves cannot transform our lives. As Jesus said: We cannot by taking thought add one cubit to our stature, but if our thought and imagination are brought into harmony with the Divine or heavenly Thought and Imagination, then our lives, through the power of Truth, are made to approximate with the Divine, to an ever-increasing degree.

Abstract Truth, such as dreamers love to dwell upon, is static: it does not become dynamic until we make use of it. Truth, in the mind of dreamers, is merely potential: it becomes actual only when it is made use of and demonstrated.
23 October “Our Father.” That is the perfect attitude. God, first and always: yet God the Great and Supreme Being of the Whole Universe of Infinity is our Father. If we maintain this attitude, then we gradually unfold, and in time enter into Truth, realising that our true life is lived in God, and that God lives in us. Then we see God everywhere; for God sees only Himself reflected in all things and beings, and so to the extent that God dwells in us do we see God everywhere.

Neither great intellectual attainments nor learning, nor even philosophical knowledge, makes one fit to receive Divine truth. Those who are capable of learning the deep things of God, and who are fit to be initiated into the less mysteries, and, later, the great mysteries, are babes.
24 October The popular idea that happiness depends upon circumstances is an illusion. Joy and happiness, laughter and praise, are generated in the soul, and these, if developed, transform the life. It is an illusion to think that we can be happy only when our circumstances make us happy. The truth is the reverse of this, for our outward life is a reflection of our inward life and the nature of our thought.

Jesus Christ came to reveal the true character of God, and also, in His own person and character, the True Man – what God is, and God’s true Idea concerning man, and what man may become, or discover himself to be, if he will only look to God and Perfection instead of at his own weaknesses and failures.
25 October Those who cannot praise God for deliverance can affirm Truth in terms of the Twenty-third Psalm. If they do so persistently then in time they will experience a feeling of joy coupled with a sense of knowing that the words are eternally true. Then they will want to thank and praise God even though outwardly their life may not have changed for the better as yet.

Although we may know Truth, yet there are so many who do not, and these need our prayers.
26 October There are many ways of finding the Inner Reality and being filled with the Divine Spirit which makes us one with Reality and fills us with indescribable joy. The best way of all is to meditate upon, or ponder over, something written by one who was in the Secret Place and in the consciousness of Eternal Truth when he wrote it.

If our knowledge of Truth be not translated into constructive action it is useless, and all our study of it is abortive. God indwells us by His Spirit, thus finding expression through us. He provides us with the ideas and the power; it is our duty and privilege to convert them into substantial achievement and concrete results.
27 October Change of desire is entirely the work of the Spirit of Truth who is leading us into Truth. But this is but the beginning. We cannot become saints all at once; we have, instead, a long journey before us. We find, like St. Paul, that the things we would like to do we do not do, while the things we ought not to do we cannot help doing. The unwanted thoughts will find entrance into our mind, while it seems impossible to think the thoughts we ought to think.

The effect of our study of Truth should be to make us more effective, more dynamic, more forceful, more creative, more industrious, and more productive. Many fail in life because they have not enough grit and determination.
28 October If the truth of the Psalms is affirmed in the face of the greatest trials and difficulties, then those trials and difficulties will either melt away, or be overruled for good; or, the one who affirms will become so strong that he will be carried victoriously through or over them, to find on the other side the peace of God and the liberty of the Sons of God.

We need to get back to God, not only in love, purity, righteousness and character, as taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ our Lord, but also in imagination. Indeed, we need go no farther, for the teaching of Jesus, if followed, leads us into all Truth, for it brings the imagination of man back to God.
29 October If we meditate upon the Ninety-first Psalm, we become filled with the spirit that inspired its writing.

In a flash we are lifted up above all our human weaknesses and vulnerability into a state of God-consciousness, in which we know that the things that we read are true of us, and that so long as we remain in such consciousness, the Psalm is true of us, literally. Also, we know that it is always true of us, eternally so, and that all that is necessary is that we should realise it and know it.

The only security is to be found in God. When we find God and can abide in Truth we have found that which changes not, and that which is inexhaustible, and that which can never fail.
30 October Absolute Truth is sufficient for all my needs,. I put my trust in the Eternal Wholeness and Perfection of God, made available to man through Love.

When we consciously abide in God we find that we are in a state of unity with the Unchanging One, and because of this we are unchanging also. While it is true that we have neither life nor being apart from God, it is equally true that in unity with God we possess all things. All things are indeed ours, but not as possessions, but only for use and service.
31 October If we meditate upon the Twenty-third Psalm, then we become filled with the same Spirit of Truth who inspired the writing of the Psalm. When this takes place the Psalm becomes true of us, individually, and in a vital sense, real to us, personally. In the twinkling of an eye we pass from death unto life; from the human consciousness of separation from God to the Divine consciousness of union with the Lord; from time and sense to the Eternal and Unchanging.

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, by my words shall not pass away,” said the Christ; and one of His promises was that all necessary things should be added, if we would only seek first that which is real and true. He told us to seek for eternal things, instead of for the things which perish. When we find the only true Substance all our needs are met, for earthly substance is but a reflection of the Real and True Substance.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life – Jesus.


1 November Before we can “think with God” we have to be raised up in consciousness, until the higher mind that is akin to the Mind of God, but which normally does not function at all, is brought into action.

I imagine that many of us, who may flatter ourselves that we are what is termed right thinkers, have never yet reached this stage which alone is worthy of the name “right thinking.”
2 November One of the most elementary stages of thought control is to refrain from thinking about and discussing negative or evil things. But this is only the very beginning of wisdom, and of far greater importance is the filling of the mind with thoughts of a positive character.

Right thinking is thinking through. Instead of running away from a thought of an unpleasant duty, we think through it and see it completed. This act of thinking through to victory, first, in our mind’s eye, enables us to face up to our duty or task, and make a success of it.
3 November St. Paul said “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,” and the truth of this exhortation is impressed upon me more and more with the passing of the years. Increasingly do I realise that the transformation of my character, body and affairs must first be preceded by a renewing of my mind.

What I want to say is this: that if my body is deranged, what is needed is not a lot of fuss made over it, but a change of mind and thought. The more we fuss over our ailment, the more we charge it with the power of our mind.
4 November Daily do I begin to see more clearly that it is not my defects of character, or my bodily failings, or my life’s difficulties, that need to be changed; but what is needed is that my mind should be entirely transformed. So long as my mind works in the old way, so long will my body and life manifest the old disorders and disharmonies.

It has already been said that the only real right thinking is thinking God’s thoughts after Him. In order to do this our mind has to be renewed or changed. In endeavouring to think rightly, however, that is, to think God or Truth thoughts instead of human or untrue thoughts, our mind becomes disciplined and changed.
5 November The best way to turn my thoughts to God is, I find, to turn to God and Heaven, and then to think of God and His Perfection only, keeping my mind closed to everything less than these. If other thoughts intrude, they are gently but firmly dismissed through a renewed turning to Heavenly things.

“Depart from evil; learn to do good.” We must not merely refrain from wrong thinking; we must also learn right thinking, which means filling the mind with Truth, until not only are all negative thoughts, ideas and fears crowded out, but a sense of realisation is entered into.
6 November By self-discipline, and through perseverance and persistence, it is possible, so we are told, to develop and strengthen the cells used for right thinking, so that they become charged with nervous energy, thus being ready to respond whenever needed. At the same time, through lack of use, the cells necessary for wrong thinking become depleted and much less liable to spring into life and action.

The uninitiated are right to a certain extent when they say: “You cannot help your thoughts.” It is true of those who know no better, but it is not true of those who understand the power of thought. We know that it is possible to choose and control our thoughts; and because of this we can choose and control our life and its conditions, within certain limits.
7 November It is well for us to keep this truth in mind, that God is drawing us to Himself, and that our highest endeavours are but a response to His love, for this help us to keep our thinking right. Of the utmost help, also, is it for us to bear in mind that we are spiritual beings, children or offspring of God. If we remember this, at all times, then we can no longer indulge in criticisms and fault-finding, neither can we nurse grudges, or cherish resentments.

It is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes. We recognise then that we could never have done any right thinking at all, nor had any desire to attempt it, but for the grace of God, and the help of the Divine Spirit.
8 November It is not so much a seeking and finding of, but a conforming to, the Mind of God. We find the Mind of God by conforming our mind to it. When our mind becomes conformed to the Mind of God, it vibrates in harmony with It. When the two work together as one, even though it is but for one brief moment, Divine healing and adjustment take place.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,” said St. Paul. How is this possible? It is obvious that we cannot of ourselves renew our mind, but we can reach the Mind of God, for “God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.”
9 November The important thing for us to recognise is that although what might be termed the doctrine of right thinking cannot explain everything, it yet does provide us with a potent weapon by means of which we can bring about great changes in our personality, our character, and our life.

The popular idea of thought control and the over-coming of worry is erroneous. The popular idea seems to be that we should never think of anything unpleasant, but that we should dodge mentally all thoughts relating to unpleasant things, and think of nice things instead. It is at this point that popular so-called psychology goes astray.
10 November God, as Divine Love, is always restraining disorder, and is forever endeavouring to over-rule everything for good. Thus, even our wrong thinking and wrong actions do not come back to us in the form of happenings that are really evil, but instead they bring to us remedial experiences which, if met in the right way, can be turned into blessings.

The man of sin may say that he knows he ought to think only good thoughts, but that the habit and indulgence of a lifetime cannot be altered, and that, try as he may, wrong and evil thoughts continue to crowd into his mind and to dominate it. Those who are the victims of fear may declare that it is quite impossible to overcome fear, and that with the passing of the years their condition becomes more pitiable. But thought control is possible to all.
11 November Special provision for our thought-transmutation is made for us in the Psalms. I do not say that this is true of all of them, but there are certain Psalms which, if reflected upon, concentrated upon, and repeated over and over again, gradually raise the mind into a state of realisation of Truth, in which one knows that all is well.

There are two doors to our mind, one opening to Heaven and all its delights and harmonies, the other opening to hell, with all its evils and disorder. If we open the door to Heaven, then Heavenly influences and blessings pour into our life, while at the same time the other door is automatically closed.
12 November Evil thoughts and suggestions have to be resisted, in one sense, for we have to close our mind against everything that is less than the good of God. They have to be resisted also, in the sense that we must not allow ourselves to be receptive to them, but receptive only to God. But this is not sufficient. We must, at the same time, fill our mind with Divine and Heavenly thoughts.

God has provided a way by means of which our thoughts can be raised until they correspond to the thoughts of the Mind of God: or rather, that our mind becomes so attuned to the Divine Mind that it can think God’s thoughts after Him.
13 November It is generally in the smaller things of life that we fail. We fail because we have not the right idea or thought about them. In other words, our attitude towards the smaller events and experiences of life that are not to our liking is a wrong one. It is wrong because we think they are evil, and therefore we meet them in a spirit of opposition, annoyance and exasperation, instead of in a spirit of co-operation and goodwill.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways, saith the Lord.” The best way to become a real Right Thinker is to allow God to think His thoughts through us. The only way to become a true “doer” is to act according to divine wisdom, and in the light of divine knowledge.
14 November If the mind is filled with Heavenly thoughts and ideas, then, automatically, it is closed to hellish and negative ideas, thoughts and suggestions. The remedy is not to fight against our wrong thoughts and the hellish suggestions which are injected into us, but to fill our mind with Heavenly thoughts and ideas. From this we see that the law is perfect, but that if we use it wrongly we destroy ourselves;: whereas, if we use it rightly we become raised to higher and better things.

The effect of praying about this thing or that thing is, at best, only a partial adjustment; even if we pray for the right thing; but the effect of reaching to the heart of God, and of bringing our mind into conformity with the Mind of God, is a complete healing and adjustment of our life.
15 November We cannot refrain from giving thanks to God, or from loving Him with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind.

Then St. Paul says that through praying in this way we shall enter into the same peace which God Himself enjoys.

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” – Phil.iv,7. The peace of God cannot be either understood or explained by the human mind. It is part of God, therefore it transcends all human thought. But it can be experienced and enjoyed by the most unlearned of us.
16 November Having found the peace of God, we should abide in it. We should not rush in where angels fear to tread. We should not force our further unfoldment, but only abide in God with our mind stayed upon God.

In one sense, we make our own world: it is a reflection of our thought-life: it is an extension of ourselves. If we think evil of others, then we see only evil. If, however, we think good of them we find good. Even praying for others is really a cleansing of our own heart from evil. To the extent that our own heart is cleansed of evil, do we cease to see evil in others. “To the pure all things are pure.”
17 November It is by prayer and contemplation that we become transformed into the Divine likeness, and thus are able to see God everywhere. We see the Lord to the extent that we become like the Lord

“For we know that when He shall appear we shall be like Him.”

As we contemplate the Divine Perfection, desiring that we may be changed into Its likeness, and that our will may be unified with the Will of God, and also as we try to see the Christ in our accusers instead of evil, so do we become changed.
18 November When praying for others, we should try to see the Divine Perfection which God has hidden within them, and which is a reflection of the Divine Idea of the Perfect Pattern Man held for ever in the Mind of God.

Our spiritual unfoldment will take place just at the right speed, and every experience will come to pass just at the right time, because everything will be under Divine control.
19 November The one who complained that she had been ill, and could not understand it, because she had not thought about it, was merely negative. She thought that she was practising right thinking: whereas, what she was doing was merely a negative abstinence from thinking about illness.

Abstinence from wrong thinking is one thing; but right thinking is another. The former is necessary, and is good as far as it goes; but in itself it is merely negative. Right thinking, on the contrary, is positive and powerful. Both are necessary.
20 November The result of right thinking is that we discover our true identity. There grows up within us a sense of increasing power – power that seems to fill the universe – and we know what we really and truly are. We know that the interior man is a Son of God, and one with the Unchanging and Eternal.

All God’s thoughts and ideas are perfect, and they find expression in the form of wholeness, order, efficiency and health.

“And good shall every conquer ill,

Health walk where pain hath trod.

As a man thinketh, so is he,

Rise then and think with God.” Author unknown
21 November The object of right thinking is not only to bring the mind into alignment and correspondence with the Mind of God, but it also is to bring the mind to a state of realisation in which we know that we are one with the positive things or qualities which make life full, rounded and complete.

Refraining from thinking about and discussing negative ills is very necessary in order to prevent the mind from becoming morbid, jaundiced and sombre. But such abstinence, however, is not right thinking, but is merely refraining from active wrong thinking.
22 November Right thinking, then, is not a mere emptying of the mind of evil, or weak, or negative thoughts. If we attempt this we become like the man spoken of by our Lord, whose last state was worse than the first. Right thinking is the positive practice of filling the mind with positive thoughts to the exclusion of negative ones.

In the future we shall have to live with the thoughts that we are thinking to-day, and also with all the circumstances, happenings and environment which are the natural and inevitable result of such thinking.
23 November There are plenty of us, no doubt, who think that we have mastered right thinking, who have not done anything of the kind. When perhaps we are not as well as we ought to be, if we examine ourselves we find that all our thoughts are moving round a centre, and this centre is our illness, or temporary indisposition.

The object of what we term right thinking is to establish a habit of thinking, both conscious and subconscious, that is in accord with this truth that our inward, or soul life, reaches right down into God.
24 November We all have been given the power to choose our thoughts, and through them our actions, and also our attitude of mind. We have, however, not been given the power to alter circumstances which may have developed as a result of our wrong thoughts and actions, and attitude towards life.

It is obvious that both for our own sakes, and that of others, it is advisable that we should choose to think only those thoughts which are pure, wholesome, strong, fearless, and in alignment with Truth.
25 November There is an interior thought and an interior understanding. Interior thought is not the product of the finite mind, but is rather a receiving of the thoughts of God, due to a state of spiritual receptivity or through the use of a faculty of inward perception.

If we fill the mind with thoughts of God and Truth, there is no room for thoughts of evil and error.
26 November If we exclude from our mind all belief in, and probability of, such things as liberty, mastery, power, dominion (not by the self, but that power and mastery that is experienced by those who enter the liberty of the sons of God), we must forever remain weak slaves and victims of fate, or chance, or whatever it is that plagues and torments man.

Owing to the working of a beneficent law – the operation of Divine love and wisdom – the effect of our wrong thinking and acting is that what is brought to us is not punishment but remedial experience.
27 November A steadfast mind and a firm will are necessary if our life is to be crowned with true success. Nothing worthwhile, nothing heroic, nothing good, can be achieved without these qualities.

Ironbound circumstances become fluidised when the beam of our concentrated mind power is fixedly turned upon it. His mind is greatest and his will strongest who puts his trust in God: who abides in His might, His power, and His strength. If God be for us, who, then, can be against us?
28 November The overcoming of the problems and difficulties of life is not achieved by fighting them, but by mastering our own lower mind. He who learns to master himself and his own mind is able to overcome all the difficulties of life.

Conversely, no matter how difficult our life may be nor hopeless its outlook, we cannot fail to win through if our mind is directed steadfastly, and our will bent firmly, in an upward direction. No difficulty, however great, can resist the power of a steadfast mind, supported by a firm will.
29 November The intense activity of the human mind prevents us from knowing Truth, or from thinking in an interior manner; but when the mind is stilled, and we cease our thinking and willing, even though it be but for a moment, then Divine thoughts and Eternal wisdom come to our soul.

Even scientists, such as Sir James Jeans and others, are coming round to the metaphysical idea that the world is not so much a thing external to ourselves as it is something that is held in the mind.
30 November Thoughts and ideas of Divine wisdom come into our consciousness, not through any process of thinking, but because we have learnt how to cease thinking.

How careful should we be as to the nature of the ideas upon which we dwell, the thoughts which we think, and the words which we speak!

If we do not include God, liberty, good, love, freedom, dominion over nature and circumstances, harmony and order, etc., in our philosophy, if we do not include these within our mental grasp, then assuredly they can never appear in our life and experience.

“Whatsoever things are true,
Whatsoever things are honest,
Whatsoever things are just,
Whatsoever things are pure,
Whatsoever things are lovely,
Whatsoever things are of good report;
if there be any virtue and if there be any
praise, think on these things.” Phil.iv,8.


1 December Peace can be brought to the world only by those who have found the peace of God themselves. Peace cannot be brought to the world by agitation, but only by peace. If we rush about trying to save the world by agitation, we do but add to the world’s unrest. But, if we abide in the peace of God which passeth all understanding, we radiate an atmosphere of peace, and bring a measure of peace to a restless world.

Is it not time that we said: “Lord, I accept all Thy bounties and mercies; I willingly receive all that Infinite Love can bestow. Henceforth I will abide in Thy Love”?
2 December To the extent that we become at one with the Divine do harmony, order and peace tend to manifest in our life. First, as a state of mind and consciousness, and after that in our outward affairs. Being at one with the Divine means being one with Divine Love, for God is Love.

We say with our lips that God is love. We may even argue intellectually that God is love, and that love is the fulfilling of the law; but, when we come to examine our heart, do we really believe it? Do we not still fear? Do we not still believe that God is the Author of evil, and that He sends Evil?
3 December By looking for the good in God, and by meditating upon it, we not only are able to believe it and know it to be an everlasting truth, but we are able to enter into the liberty that Love brings. When we really discover that God is Love, and that Love desires for us only that which is good, we are ready to accept the blessings which Love offers. All these years the hand of Love has been outstretched, offering us all the riches of His mercy and grace, and we have been afraid to accept.

Intuition tells us that God is Love, and that He can be none other. If we make this assumption the basis of our meditation we find that God is indeed Love, and cannot be anything else.
4 December It is necessary to spend a certain time, regularly every day, in creating an inward awareness of union with the divine, and oneness with the Supreme Love, Life, Joy, Peace and Power of the Universe. This practice makes for health, harmony, order and beauty in every department of life.

If Divine Love be in our heart, then do we see Love everywhere.
5 December There is within us a Spirit of Love and Goodness that prompts us to live better lives, to act less selfishly, to do noble deeds, and to seek to bring about the good of the Whole, instead of attending only to our own personal interests.

We can find the interior harmony of the universe, and the very peace of God, by making a practice of setting aside a time each day for a withdrawing from the outward turmoil, to meditate upon Eternal Truth.
6 December Life presents us with many difficult experiences, and confronts us with many hard paths, and it is by accepting these willingly, and by passing through or along them, that peace is found.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.” Our mind is stayed upon God to the extent that we bless the name of the Lord. “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name.”
7 December God is never in a hurry, but is always leisurely. Yet, everything comes to pass just at the right moment, when God is allowed, for once in a way, to have a free hand. If we place our spiritual unfoldment in the hands of the Spirit, then it proceeds with unhurried precision, and with delightful harmony, to a glorious consummation, just life a rose-bud opening into a beautiful rose, without anxiety, hurry or strain.

The Lord is life and the Author of life, and is health, wholeness, perfection, and also love. The Lord, as Love, wants to heal because He is Love, and He is able to heal because He is Life, Health, Wholeness and perfect order and harmony.
8 December When we ascend into the mount of the Lord, we enter into this same consciousness of Smiling Repose, and when we are in this Higher Consciousness, we know that all is well, a thousand times well, both now and a million years hence. Then it is as though we were carried along on the bosom of a mighty and deep river, the River of God’s peace. Then it is that we know what St. Paul meant by “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding.” No human mind can understand it.

Peace is not merely absence of disturbance, agitation and conflict, but is also perfect well-being, or state of blessedness. In the peace of God everything is in a state of Divine adjustment.
9 December Harmonious living is possible. Disorder and trouble are due to ignorance of, or lack of regard for, the laws which govern life.

We are allowed to go our own way until we see for ourselves how vain and unsatisfying the separate life of the self is. Then it is that we begin to realise that we are being drawn by the cords of Divine love. There is no compulsion. We are allowed free-will, but Love pursues us all down the years, never to compel us; but only to be near us, because of Its very nature; and only in order to help and bless us, and finally to receive our full surrender.
10 December Life is a harmonious progression, like the growth of a plant. The life of disharmony and disorder which many of live, until we learn wisdom, is not the real life, as designed by God, but a parody of it. Such a life is an inversion of the real, or a counterfeit of the true. It bears but small resemblance to the life designed for us in the heart and mind and imagination of God.

“For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans viii,38.
11 December The way of the Spirit is harmony and peace. When we make living contact with the Interior Harmony, then either the outward life becomes healed of its disorder, or we are so upheld and sustained by the Spirit that we are carried over or through our trouble victoriously.

Rest, harmony, peace, happiness, joy: these are the Divinely natural states for man’s life. When he understands its laws and walks according to them, he enters into liberty and peace; he is set free from the things which vex and torment the unillumined.
12 December If we are friendly towards life, then we find that life is friendly towards us, and always has been, for it is we who have caused the supposed antagonism and warfare. If we send out waves of love and benediction to all mankind, then waves of love and benediction come back to us.

We realise God as peace, and we enter into God’s peace. God can never be anything that is not peace. God is not in anything that is opposed to peace, or which is not of the nature of peace.
13 December If we are not in a state of harmony and peace we are not yet in our true element. We can always tell if we are living our life as it is imaged in the Divine Imagination or not by the harmony and peace we enjoy, or the lack of them that we experience. Our life may be full of difficulty, but if our face is turned towards the Light we are travelling towards the liberty of the sons of God. We are still in a state of becoming; we have not yet attained. Therefore, the best is yet to be.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Be still and stop your antics and your agitation for a moment. Be still, even now for a moment, and you will be where I AM. Let us stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord. Let us remember that.
14 December The Love which has supplied all my needs hitherto is satisfying all my wants at the present time.

Love never fails.

If we were one with Love, perfectly, then our whole life would be healed. If we were one with Love, then we would never give in to the temptation to fear or doubt, for Love casts out fear. If we were one with Love, then we could never sin; for Love casts out sin; and if we only were as Love Itself, we could never sin.
15 December God warns as a friend. The trouble, disease or ruin which faces you is the warning of a friend. So now, at this time, in your extremity, take down every barrier; allow the Lord to come in and occupy every corner and crevice of your heart and life, and let your strivings after healing go. Infinite Love can look after that.

The Love which has followed me all my days is upholding me now.
16 December One who understands life and who is acquainted with the immutable laws which govern it, and who lives his life in correspondence with those laws, is able to live his life so harmoniously and peacefully that it is life a deep river, flowing majestically and calmly to the sea.

When we are filled with Love, we see Love only in others. In our Lord’s words, when we have been born from above we see the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus we understand what our Lord meant when He said: “except a man be born from above he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”
17 December Staying my mind upon God, I am kept in perfect peace. The peace of God is a state of perfect order and harmony – it is a condition of perfect well-being. Therefore, because I abide in God’s peace, I am richly blest; and whatever may be wrong with me, “in mind, body and estate,” becomes Divinely healed and adjusted.

The Love which has delivered me in times past is delivering me to-day.
18 December It is foolish to try to drug our mind by saying peace, peace, when there is no peace. Peace is not a sentimental feeling obtained through the use of religious dope, but is the result of meeting life’s experiences in the right way.

Love is invincible. It never compels, but it softens our most stubborn resistance It pursues us down the avenues of time: it never lets us go: it never grows tired: it desires only that we should find our highest good: it waits patiently until of our own free-will we turn and make a complete surrender.
19 December “Beloved, let us love one another (in a divine way): for (such) love is of God and every one that loveth (in this way) is born of God, and knoweth God (because God is Love).” – Paraphrase of I John iv,7.

My prayer is that we may all discover the hidden peace of God, and that it may keep and protect our heart and mind in unity with Christ.
20 December Therefore, in order to see God we have to like Him by being filled with His spirit. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” To the extent that we can love do we become like God Who is Love, and to the extent that we become like God do we see Him everywhere. “When He shall appear we shall be like Him”; and we might say with equal truth, when we are like Him then we shall see Him as He is.

The way of the Spirit is Harmony and Peace.
21 December Many are the ways through which men pass from the lower to the higher. We find God and the peace of God in many different ways. One very effective way is to cultivate what might be termed the mood of God. The One Who is Infinite Love, Order, Peace and Good stands for ever behind the disorder of the sense-life in Smiling Repose. Let us get into the mood of this. Let us think about, and reflect upon, this term, Smiling Repose. Repose, always, behind all disorder.

God is love, and when we are indwelt by the Spirit of Love, we become Love, and to the extent that we become Love, and really love God and every person, creature and nature and circumstance, to that extent do we find the Heart of the Universe, which is Love.
22 December The way of Spirit is harmony and peace. As we meditate upon this truth we seem to float quietly out into the Eternal, on the river of God’s peace. Then, resting in the bliss and peace in which God Himself abides, we breathe deeply of the aethers of the breath of God.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose thought or imagination is stayed on Thee.” Kept in perfect peace, if our thought or imagination is stayed on the Lord, the Source and Centre of all harmony, order and good.
23 December Where intellect and philosophy fail, love is able to accomplish the humanly impossible. What human power, what philosophy, what intellectual knowledge, what reasoning, what earthly wisdom, what course of metaphysics or psychology, could have changed Saul of Tarsus, the hater of Jesus and persecutor of His followers, into Paul the apostle, the evangelist, the martyr? Nothing but the love of Christ could have wrought such a wonderful transformation.

Love is the secret, it is the law, the power, the motive of life and creation. It is only as we are touched by Divine Love that we become changed.
24 December When we look to Jesus, not merely as a misty historical figure, or indistinct philosophical ideal, but as the Lover of our soul, we become changed. We no longer can do the things we once delighted in doing, because our love forbids. We simply cannot do it, for the reason that it would break the union of love, thus clouding our vision.

Because God is perfect He can see, think, imagine, and create only that which is perfect, whole, orderly, and harmonious. Therefore, the life which God creates for us is orderly, harmonious, and perfect.
25 December We read in Job of a wonderful thing at the birth of creation; we are told that “the Morning Stars sang together, and all the Sons of God shouted for joy.” The Sons of God shouted for joy because it was the birth of creation – the beginning of a glorious work of creative life. In the same way, we rejoice in a specially happy way over the birth of that perfect life which was later to blossom into the Perfect Flower of Humanity.

Christmas, with the wave of goodwill and kindness which is peculiar to this period of the year, all make for joy and happiness. And it is a happiness of a kind different from any other happiness. Christmas bells sound different from, and more joyous than, any bells rung at other times. There is a spirit about Christmas that is different from the spirit of any other festival.
26 December But there is not only the actual, literal life of Jesus, there is also the mystical counterpart. The birth of Jesus finds its correspondence in the birth of the Christ within the soul – Christ in us the hope of glory. This, of course, is the vital things, to have the Lord born in us from above.

If we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, i.e. the Interior Divine Harmony and Order, then outward harmony is added. So long as we seek for outward things they elude us; but when we cease to do so, and, instead, search for the Interior Harmony and Peace of God, then the things which formerly eluded us come to us of their own accord.
27 December God’s ways are not our ways – they are always far better. If we leave the choice of “the things added” to Infinite Wisdom, then we find that God is “able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.” How foolish for us to limit God to our own restricted ideas of good, when He is willing to give us blessing so great and wonderful that we cannot even imagine anything so good.

Why was it that St., Paul and George Muller and others were able to achieve so much: why was their faith so great and why could they look always to Jesus, and thus be successful in the race of life? It was because of their love to Christ. He had captured their love, their loyalty, their deepest desires and affections.
28 December If Christ were to reign in the hearts of all men then the thoughts of all of us would be those of love, justice, goodwill, truth and righteousness. After this everything that is wrong in the world would soon be swept away, for all our actions would be changed. Then Christ would indeed reign in the earth.

Paul’s time of perplexity and almost despair was a necessary experience: necessary because it was needed in order to teach him that of himself he could do nothing, and that he could be delivered only by Christ Himself. But he ran patiently: he looked to Jesus, Whom having not seen, he yet loved with all the passion of a strong man, and He it was who delivered him and made him victorious.
29 December Peace, Joy, Happiness, Love, Harmony and Perfect Good all attend my way. They come to me quietly and naturally, like streams of water finding their way to the sea.

Having right ideas about God, and thinking thoughts of Truth, even in an elementary way, help us to the attainment to peace. The dear soul, whom I have already quoted, who was afraid to pray: “Thy will be done,” got no peace from her thoughts of God, because she had been brought up to think of Him as the Avenger, instead of Infinite Love and Pity. When her ideas and thoughts of God became changed, she grew to love God, because of His love to her, and so she entered into a more restful and peaceful state.
30 December True peace does not depend upon harmonious environment, it is of God, and comes to us through our becoming at-one with Him. Instead of peace coming through harmonious circumstances, harmonious circumstances come as a result of inward peace. But we should not seek harmonious circumstances, but, rather, the peace of God which is independent of circumstances, and which can be enjoyed, even when we are placed in difficult and even alarming circumstances.

My mind is stayed on God; my attention is fixed on Christ; I think only of Divine Perfection, therefore I am kept in Perfect Peace.
31 December Man cannot love God, no matter how much he may say or think that he does, if he loves not his brother. “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?”

When we love everybody and everything, and every atom of our environment, then we can love God with our whole heart, and praise Him and be raised above the disorder of life to the order, harmony and beauty of the Divine.

Love your neighbour as yourself, love God with all your strength, resist not evil, do good to them that hate you, do the will of the Lord of Harmony, and you will find the Kingdom.

God is everything that we know to be good, in fact the sum total of all good, power, quality and virtue, and also the One Source of them all. God is all the good that we can imagine about Him, and more, to an infinite degree. He is Infinite Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Power, Life, Wholeness, Health, Beauty, Perfection, Order, Harmony: also Eternal Substance.