The Bosham Stone

Although not part of HT Hamblin’s original legacy, various new developments have continued to shape the Hamblin Trust over the years as successive “managers” have added to the nature and content of the grounds and premises.

One of the more unusual additions was the arrival of ‘The Bosham Stone’ in November 1996 during the tenure of Stephanie Sorrell as Editor of “The Science of Thought Review” (later known as “New Vision” and now “Hamblin Vision”). This followed the ‘sensing’ of an unusual energy by Hanne Jahr who worked with Stephanie as Assistant Editor.  

Those who are sensitive to such things feel a very strong energy emanating from the stone and believe that it emits not only a healing energy but is also a conduit for the release of ancient wisdom back into the earth and all its peoples.

Even those who may not feel aware of subtle energies love the beauty and tranquillity of this special spot and many people come here merely to sit and think or meditate quietly. A sacred grove? Why not come and experience it for yourself.

If you would like more information on the story behind the nature of the stone and the chain of events that contributed to its arrival, a leaflet is available free of charge from the office, which is an excerpt from the book Stranger on the Threshold by Paul Bura (ISBN 0 906786 28 2). A copy of the book is available for members to view in the Hamblin Centre library. The same excerpt was published as an article in the Trust’s New Vision magazine, October/November 2001. Please contact us if you are interested.