Keeping Faith

What is Faith?

To answer this, we need to determine what is meant by the concept. Is Faith something we learn or is it something innate - in some, but clearly not in everyone? Only you will know if you’ve always possessed it or had to acquire it.

Since my birth I’ve  always ‘known’, so I’m not exactly qualified to comment on anything else but personal experience, except that what it means to me is the utter certitude, (not to be confused with ‘certainty’) of a divine, loving, everlasting presence. If this in any way sounds like an easy option, it really isn’t. However, it is a blessing, and the offer of a path to Reality and consciousness. From a spiritual perspective this is a gift, but I believe it is a universal gift to be embraced or disregarded; our choice.

What is important to recognise is that inner awareness of the Divine is available to every human being, irrespective of education, colour, social background or any other conditioning, except of course, the unassailable closed mind.

 How has faith helped you?

 I’m clearly a painfully slow learner, having bucked the system so often. But faith teaches us that it’s not the falling down, but the getting up that teaches and makes us strong. And in the process we learn to trust, and exchange ego for an appropriate amount of humility. Faith tells us that we are more powerful than we believe and immeasurably loved.

 How do you maintain your faith in challenging situations?

1. Know there is intention behind every single difficulty.

2. There is a gift in every mishap, big or catastrophic.

3.  We are NEVER alone.

4. Courage is always rewarded.

5. The only thing over which we have control is our thinking.

6. Whatever happens we are always loved.

Can you recommend any resources or writers who have influenced you with regard to having faith?

I leave this to you.The journey will lead you. But.........

Everything gives us something; people and relationships give the most. It is said that no one crosses our path without a gift in the hand, and the reverse is true. Value everything.

I could give you a litany of uplifting material but ultimately all coalesce into the same wisdom, whether it be Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim Sikh or other.

If you had some small tips for others for keeping faith in everyday life what would that be?

Find quiet time to listen; all we we seem to do is talk.

Dedicate all you do to heavenly care - even your leisure time. Do this at the start of the day or whenever you think of it. It will strengthen your arm and help keep you in charge. No need to fall on your knees, it takes seconds.

Avoid trying to control other peoples’ lives and don’t judge, we have no right. Above all GIVE THANKS, especially for difficulties, since it is the undeniable principle of prosperity. Explore the gracious gift of Buddhist-inspired non-reaction. You may may have to bite your lip but you will be generating peace.

FINALLY, Be JOYFUL - we owe it to the world.


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