What is Peace?

For our website blogs here at the Hamblin Centre, we have decided to use a new ‘Question and Answer’ interview format with leaders, therapists and practitioners to glean their thoughts and perspective on a variety of themes. We are very grateful to everyone for taking the time to answer the questions and for sharing their unique insights with our website readers.

This month we ask Noel Raine, the Chairman of the Trustees at the Hamblin Centre, for his views on Peace.

Name: Noel Raine

Organisation: The Hamblin Trust, an organisation dedicated to promoting the practical and spiritual teachings of the late Henry Thomas Hamblin and, in particular, to help individuals to attain good health, mental and emotional well-being and inner growth.

Questions on Peace

Peace is…

Living in harmony, both with our inner selves and with outer circumstances.

How do you maintain a peaceful nature in challenging situations?

I use prayer and meditation to achieve deep attunement and communion with my Inner Self (a.k.a ‘God’, ‘the Universe’ or ‘Life’, depending on individual belief or understanding). Once we truly achieve deep attunement, we are able to face all changing and challenging conditions with a philosophic, loving and detached attitude.

What is one thing we can do to bring about World Peace?

To recognise that All is One.  With the conscious and habitual use of this understanding, we can allow ourselves to be a channel of love and blessing to every individual, in every circumstance, and with all life upon the planet.

Which teachers or writings have influenced you with regard to Peace?

 Although I read widely, there is no one particular teacher or writer. As a long-time member of the Order, the teachings of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) is my main source of guidance and latterly, of course, the teachings of H.T. Hamblin.

If you had a small practical tip for living peacefully in everyday life what would that be?

 We can start each day with an attunement to our spiritual source, however we conceive it, and to offer ourselves as a channel of love and service to individuals and the world. If possible, we can refresh that contact throughout the day.

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