Hamblin Healing Attunement

We light a candle – helping us connect with the Light within our hearts.

Short time of silence

Now, letting go of our everyday thoughts, we begin to attune ourselves more strongly to the Light... (a minute or so of silence) And now, with all the will of our mind and all the love of our deepest heart, we direct the love and healing Light of God to:

(add names of any individuals known to you, who may be in need)

We also remember those who have recently passed into the Light, holding too their family, loved ones and friends in our thoughts:

(add names of any individuals known to you who have recently passed)

May they continue their journey in Spirit with love and joy and we give thanks for their lives.

Spirit of all Life, Mother and Father of us all, we ask that you bless all beings with love, compassion and growing consciousness. 

Help us connect with the Divine presence and Light within our hearts so that we are good neighbours, friends and family members and that all who come into contact with us feel loved and cared for.  May we be inspired to care for our beautiful and precious earth and all the natural world.

Help us to live with joy, peace and radiant Light in our hearts so that through our actions harmony, justice and love may grow throughout the world.

And we pray particularly today for:

(Here any parts of the world in particular need of Light and Healing are named)


Holding the Inner Vision:

We see the light consciousness infusing and enfolding the work of the Hamblin Centre.  
We see this centre as a welcoming haven of peace and light for all those who come. We link with the energies of light, love and peace to support this centre, its service and philosophy. AND SO IT IS. Now we spend a moment visualising the world as full of Light. May God’s blessing guide us in our life and our work.   Amen.

Hamblin Office