Action for Peace

The Hamblin Trust is actively focused on the theme of world peace and harmony.

On  24th March 2018, we held A Day of Inner Peace and World Peace; a free day-long event featuring 15 speakers at the Hamblin Centre. This was so popular and well attended that we have decided to make it an annual event, starting in 2019 on a Saturday close to the International Day of Peace in September.

New Vision Light Workers A group meets on the first Saturday of each month to provide a mutually nourishing and supportive environment for spiritual practice and development. The primary purpose is to channel light to the world and to those people and situations needing spiritual support. Meeting at The Hamblin Centre. Phone: 01243 572109 Email:

Hamblin Healing Attunement. The Hamblin team and trustees hold a daily attunement around noon for individuals who have requested assistance, which includes prayers for world peace. We welcome you to tune in and add your own prayers to strengthen our work. We welcome your support. The words of the attunement are posted on a separate blog.

Meditation for Everyone. For those within travelling distance, these friendly, welcoming, bi-monthly sessions are open to all, to explore different methods of meditating. No previous experience of meditating is required, indeed a 'beginner's mind' is to be encouraged. These meditation sessions are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 2-3 pm in the Library or Meditation Sanctuary at the Hamblin Centre.

Some thoughts on World Peace: 

Given the state of turmoil in the world today, we believe that all people of goodwill, and especially those on a spiritual path, need to play their part in seeking to facilitate peace and harmony in whatever way they can.The World Peace Prayer Society, who promote the universal message and prayer, "May Peace Prevail on Earth", explain that, in the original Japanese, the character for 'Earth' includes not only humankind but 'Life in all Realms of Creation'. So when we speak the words, "May Peace Prevail on Earth", they suggest that we imagine the frequency and energy field of Love, Peace and Harmony reaching the kingdom of plants, animals and all of Creation including our solar system, the cosmos and the Universe at large.

This latter, more universal use of the term is consistent with Hamblin's teachings. In his book His Wisdom Guiding, he states, "I would go farther and say that setting Love in action brings harmony..not only to the visible world, but also to those invisible realms which need such help as we can give; and also to the lower forms of life both visible and invisible."

So, what do we do about world peace? There are, of course, many individuals and organisations working to promote world peace and, at the very least, we can support one or more of these important movements.

But what else can we do as individuals? The problems seem too big to for us to address and few of us have the significant influence that some of the more distinguished players are able to wield.

In his book The Shrine of Love, Hamblin states, "The world is to be saved by the sons of God who shall reflect the Love of Christ. Love is the only power that can win the hearts of men...  Love, forgiveness, goodwill - the Christ Spirit - put into practical expression, can alone save humanity."

We all create thought forms constantly without being consciously aware of it and, of course, we all use words to communicate. So, if each of us changed our thinking so that it was more loving and positive and chose words that were also more loving and positive, we would be feeding the collective unconscious, the 'mind of humanity', and thus our planet and all the kingdoms of nature, with a more powerful energetic field of peace, love and harmony.

World peace starts within each individual. We have no doubt that most of the members of the Hamblin Trust are already committed to unfolding peace and love in their lives but, whilst individual prayer and meditation add to the presence of love and harmony in the world, the effect is much greater when working with a group. We would therefore encourage our members or supporters to join with reading the  Hamblin Healing Prayer as part of a daily attunement, or as often as possible.



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