This month we ask David Willson, Trustee at the Hamblin Centre, for his views on Meditation.

What is meditation to you?

Meditation is the equivalent of a shower for the heart and mind. It both refreshes and recharges them with Satvic energy.

How do you meditate?

I use “Mantra” transcendental meditation.    

Can you give an example of how meditation has helped you in your life?

It has brought me peace and calm and helped strengthen my well-being.

What value has meditation in today’s current world?

It would be of enormous value in schools.

Politicians and heads of State would benefit from Meditation

Can you recommend any resources or writers who have influenced you with regard to meditating?

The School of Meditation have numerous offerings.

If you could give us a tip on how to sustain a meditation practice  in challenging times what would that be?

Connect to the stillness and just “be”. Rest in the peace with no expectations.



Hamblin Office