We are expanding our wellbeing work by replacing our monthly Health & Wellbeing Afternoons with a more flexible Wellbeing Clinic, which can be available at a time to suit you. The aim is to make therapies accessible when needed. Please contact the practitioner directly to make an appointment and enquire about concessionary rates. By choosing a session from one of the practitioners listed here, you will also be helping support the Hamblin Trust, as they have kindly agreed to share their proceeds, (in exchange for free room hire) so the clinic will benefit all parties. All sessions last 1 hour unless otherwise stated. 

(Friendly disclaimer: The Hamblin Trust is unable to endorse any particular practitioner or therapist. This is a matter for each individual to assess.)



Jeanine Hanneman

The vibrations of the beautiful colours, oils and essences offer a mirror to your soul to bring awareness to your greatest gifts, where you are on your journey and what you need to release to allow your light to shine. Aura-Soma Consultations using Chakra Bottles: £20 for 30 minutes / £35 for 50 minutes. Concessionary rate of £10 for a 20-minute session. (Jeanine also offers Emotional Freedom Technique, Indian Head Massage & Swedish Massage.)

Tel: 07769 666729


sandra manktelow.jpg

Indian Head Massage

Sandra Manktelow

Indian Head Massage relieves stress and tension, improves circulation, helps eliminate toxins, stimulates the skin and nerve endings. Sandra also offers Aromatouch, using essential oils on back and feet. £40.

07871 451131 s.m.manktelow@gmail.com 

Jo Scott.jpeg


Jo Scott

Kinesiology is a holistic system of natural health care combining muscle testing with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Kinesiology identifies factors which block the body's natural healing process. These dysfunctions are corrected by attention to reflex points to stimulate lymphatic flow, circulation and energy, the use of specific body movements and nutritional support, therefore helping the body to heal itself. £50.

Tel: 07876 390802

amie crews.jpg

Life Coaching

Amie Crews

Amie is a holistic life coach and Reiki Master. She combines her love of energy work with helping people break through barriers which have held them back in some way. She works with her clients to reset boundaries and increase positive self-belief leading to higher personal power. Amie offers Reiki and Coaching independently of each other as well as in a combined approach. Please call to discuss treatment and rates - concessions always available.

Tel: 07846 778583

Lyn & Graham.jpg

Neutral Space Relaxation

Lyn & Graham Whiteman

A Neutral Space Relaxation® session is deeply relaxing and health enhancing. For clients and students who require the experience of being reminded just how deeply they can relax. Relaxation enhances your performance and allows you to respond rather than react, improving your effectiveness in life, and staying in ‘neutral’. £40  (concessions available, please ask.) 

Tel: 01243 649079




Rose McCray

Rose has been practising reflexology for 16 years and apart from taking courses in different ways of doing reflexology, she has added craniosacral therapy and Reiki to her skills. She believes touch therapies, alongside an orthodox medical approach, are essential for complete healing. Please call to discuss price and concessions.

Tel: 02392 412821




Derek Hedicker

Reiki is an energy healing technique that can assist in relieving pain, by balancing the body's energies. It is beneficial for injury, recovery from illness and reducing stress. £40. (Derek also runs a low-cost Reiki Clinic on Mondays & Thursdays 2-4pm at the Hamblin Centre at £20 per session.)

Tel: 07761 027740


zen garden.jpeg

Spiritual Energy Healing

Christine Rogers

Suitable for both people and animals. Non-contact healing, seated or lying on a couch is very effective for releasing energy blockages and promoting healthy energy flow. Energy healing can strengthen the body in many ways, helping with injuries and building the resilience of the immune system. £25

Tel: 01243 375423





Nikki Whent

Reflexology is an extremely powerful therapy for improving your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.  It stimulates points on the feet corresponding to the body's organs, chakras and meridians.  £40 (concessions available - please ask)

Tel: 07771 305232/
02392 410170


healing hands.jpg

Spiritual Healing

James MacDonald

The healer uses gentle hands-on contact, with permission. Spiritual Healing can bring about a sense of calmness and a lifting of negative energy, enabling the client to experience tranquillity and peace. James is a trained and approved Healing Medium. Free of charge. (Donations accepted to cover travel costs)
Tel: 02392 355330