The Hamblin Low-Cost Clinic initiative is intended as a service to the community, with the aim of making complementary therapies affordable to all who may benefit from them. All Low-Cost Clinic appointments must be booked via the Hamblin Centre office:  Tel: 01243 572109

(Please note that the practitioners who offer their time for Low-Cost Clinics, as well as the Hamblin Centre, incur a financial loss when an appointment is missed. To make the Low-Cost Clinic sustainable for the future, we must therefore ask for advance payment for appointments. Please speak to the office if this poses a problem.)

Experience a Reiki healing session with Reiki Master Derek Hedicker. Reiki is very helpful in recovery from illness and injury, pain relief, stress-related conditions, and restoring a sense of wholeness and wellbeing. 

Weekly on Mondays from 10am-3pm

£20 per session 

Friendly disclaimer: The Hamblin Trust is unable to endorse any particular teacher, practitioner, therapist or speaker who practises, advertises or runs an event here. This is a matter for each individual to assess and take further if they wish.