First Saturday of each month in Hamblin Hall, 10.30am-12.30pm.

A group that meets regularly each month to provide a mutually nourishing and supportive environment for spiritual practice and development. These 2-hour sessions include an opening attunement, discussion on a range of topics and a closing meditation. There is a lot of laughter as we try not to take ourselves too seriously! Our primary purpose is to channel Light to the world and to those people and situations needing spiritual support. There is no one school of thought predominant, as we all share our own experience and insight, so all are welcome to explore and share with us.

A voluntary donation of £8 to support the Hamblin Trust is invited.

Friendly disclaimer: The Hamblin Trust is unable to endorse any particular teacher, practitioner, therapist or speaker who practises, advertises or runs an event here. This is a matter for each individual to assess and take further if they wish.