Join us for these sessions of gentle movement, dance and connection!
Every Wednesday: 1.15–2.30pm in the hall. £8.00

Dance of Awareness™ is a group dance practice. It’s a great way to get into your body, exercise, release stuck energy, express and connect. There are no steps to learn, no judgment and no expectations! You are free to move as you wish and all are welcome.

These lunchtime sessions last about an hour, and are run at a gentle tempo and level of intensity.

The sessions offer a profound exploration of what it is to be in a body, to move from inner awareness and outer connectedness. The DoA cycle — sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting and completing — allows us to revisit our early body history, to celebrate the embodied patterns that make us unique, and discover new ways of being who we are. As we move and breathe together, we open more fully to self-awareness and a wider consciousness of our place in the world.

The sessions are run by Marcus, who is a licensed Dance of Awareness facilitator, Alexander Technique teacher and Therapist.