Autumn Astrology Lecture: Intercepted Houses

Autumn Astrology Lecture: Intercepted Houses

from 8.00

Lecture in the library with astrologer Patricia Godden.

Due to the tilt of the Earth, some astrological houses are longer than others in some house systems. This means that a sign could appear entirely within a house. A planet in such a sign is said to be intercepted and interpretation of the planet’s energy is modified. Intercepted signs and planets will be discussed in the light of how this helps the soul’s development.

Please bring your horoscope, which can be obtained from one of the many astrological websites.

Patricia Godden BSc PhD dip WESA FAPAI is a scientist turned astrologer. With a degree in physiology and biochemistry and a doctorate in endocrinology,  Patricia worked in scientific research. She is now a consultant astrologer, author, speaker and teacher.

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